'tis the season...!

Hi everybody! I’m Sarah, but I’ll answer to just about anything, and I’m currently a high school student living in Nebraska. This is my third year lurking and second year posting in this community, and I love it! Hopefully this will be a year where I can grant even more wishes than before. (:

Onward to my wish list.

1. Music! Last year I got a bunch of really awesome mixed CDs that introduced me to whole new realms of music, so my hopes are high and the favor will be returned. (:

2. Books or book recs – or original fic recs, for that matter. I’m always looking for something to read, and when I say always, I mean always. If it helps, my favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Kurt Vonnegut, Markus Zusak and Michael Chabon.

3. Anything to do with Liverpool FC. They are my team, my love, my life, no matter what.

4. Alguno en español. I love this language to death! I’ll be taking natives Spanish next year and plan to major in it with a year or more abroad, so postcards from anywhere Spanish is spoken... LJ friends who post in Spanish... a .zip of your favorite Mexican punk music... Fernando Torres, packed into a box.... You know. Whatever. xD

5. A tarot deck. I’ve recently become interested in tarot readings and I’d love to have my own deck. Used is fine.

6. Readers/reviewers/fanart. My FictionPress acount (fictionpress.com/ ~theniftygreenfish) is sadly neglected because I’m such a slow writer, so encouragement in any form would be appreciated.

7. Stories about your life. I can’t wait to get out of here and into the “real world” (typical, isn’t it?) – so I want to hear about how that world’s been treating you!

8. Sunglasses. You can never have too many! I don’t mind if they’re a little beat up.

9. For you to go watch a play. I feel like most towns usually have some sort of holiday production, and going to see yours will be a fun little thing for you and a great ego boost for the actors. Any theater kid can tell you how great it feels to see an auditorium full of people who are choosing to spend part of their holidays watching you.

10. LJ friends! I post regularly and even if we don’t have a lot in common, I would love to get to know you! I’m trying to bring myself back around to being a good LJ friend (commenting regularly and not just rambling about my personal life) as well; I promise. (:

If you need my address or just want to say hey, you can email me at hatless_and_bewildered at hotmail dot com.

Happy holidays!
2. Two of my good friends publish their work for free online. You can find it here: http://jfjenkins.pbworks.com/ (I recommend the Dragons series) and here: http://jaedenknight.pbworks.com/FrontPage

4. I took Spanish in college, but I'm too rusty to remember much of it. Sounds fun to visit Spanish speaking countries!

6. I read one of your stories and enjoyed it. I will be reading more when I find the time. Would you mind if I linked to your site on my personal blog (http://pamelamaclean.blogspot.com) and the site when my sister and me post our fiction (http://twotowrite.blogspot.com)?

7. Parts are good, parts not so great. I'd elaborate but it's a long story and some of it seems like complaining. Let's just say the economy has not been kind.

10. Will be friending you. =)
I don't post in Spanish, but I am fluent, so if you ever want a conversation partner, I'm available. :) And I'll add you! I love new people.
Hm ... I'm a bit older than you, but we do have a number of common interests, and estudié el español cuando estaba el el colegio y en la universidad, so I might be able to help you out with Spanish stuff down the line as well. Adding? :)
Re: #9
We're going to a local production on the 21st. I'm not even sure what it is, but it's the annual Cabaret Oldtown holiday show. And it's not really a play, but I'm going to see Straight No Chaser next weekend (if you don't know who they are, go to YouTube, search them and watch "The 12 Days of Christmas"...go now...seriously, I'll wait :) ). And I saw "Wicked" a month or so ago when the tour was here. And I usually hit Music Theater of Wichita for at least one show a summer. This year I made it to 2 shows, "The Producers" and "Miss Saigon." Obviously, I'm a bit of a music theater fan. :)
I can send you *something* Spanish-like. I was a major in college and just have to sort through some stuff! Email me at rachael.richardson@gmail.com and we'll chat!