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My name's Brandi and I'm a 21 (nearly 22!) year old American in St Andrews, Scotland. I moved here nearly three months ago with my kitty to live with my husband who is doing a PhD here at the university. I love it here, however I still miss the US (specifically: my two stop-light small farming town in Illinois.)

However! Here are my wishes:

1. Tea. Specifically black teas, as those are my favourite. (Which is no surprise.. black tea has the most caffeine!)

2. Cat toys. My cat went from being one of one of five to being an only cat. He gets awful lonely, however he loves toys. (..and eating the garbage bag, ugh!)

3. Treats. Candies. Junk food. I honestly can't stand most British junk food. I hate the chocolate, I hate the chips. (Yes, yes, everyone else in the world except me loves it..)

4. Earrings! I have such small fingers (size 3.5 in American sizes) and wrists (6.5") that earrings are the only thing I can buy without having them custom made! (And necklaces, of course, but I just love earrings). I'm not allergic to anything, so any earrings would do. Heck, I really miss Claire's and Icing.

5. Skeleton keys. I absolutely love them. My goal is to fill a whole cork board with them..

6. Ribbon! I have an idea in my head but it'll need a lot of ribbon..

7. Coins. From anywhere. I absolutely love coins and can't stop counting them. Drives my husband up the wall..

8. Anything Star Trek. I've watch Star Trek constantly since I was 12. (Including something like 6 conventions!)

9. Someone to write letters to. I miss having someone to write to.

10. Someone to email. I miss having people to email.

My email address (to get physical address) is brandi.frenchATgmail.com <3
Please email me your physical address to: po.box177@gmail.com and I shall send you some Australian coins - but in the email please remind me what I said I would send because Im off granting a few wishes and don't want to get confused and send the wrong things to the wrong people!
Thank you so much! They arrived today and I can't believe how similiar the 10 cent coin is to our 10p one! And the lovely Queen looks exactly the same. :) My husband tried to take them from me, but I saved them! :D
I'll probably be able to send some treats, if you don't mind American. XDD
what sort of candy do you like?
I'm all about American sweets ^^ I like anything, as long as it doesn't have lots of nuts in it (peanut butter m&ms and snickers are okay though) (however, I love peanut butter!) But any candy will do <3 I adore American sweets, when i go back next half of my carry on luggage is going to be chocolate xD

What's your email? I'll email my address :)
id love to be your pen pal :) email me @ faithe16@hotmail.com for my address :)