Mele Kalikimaka!

Hello, all! My name is Libby, I've been doing this several years and really, really love this community. If you take a look at my list, leave me a link and I'll take a look at yours. Especially if you requested cards; I love doing card exchanges. On to the list!:

The 'Really Big, Impossible, But I Want Them So They Still Go On The List' Items
1. iPod Touch - I just want one.

2. Plane Tickets - I live in Cali, but my family lives in Texas, and in the past flying to Texas getting to see everyone was easy. This past summer, however, my mom and stepdad moved to a different state, so now I've got to find a way to fly to two states, or else leave out half my family. Fun timez.

3. My car to be fixed - I've been hit by two different people who had no insurance. My car still works, but I can no longer get into the trunk and it just looks a mess. I need someone who can fix it for cheap for me.

The 'Not So Big But Still Cost Money' Items
4. Net10 Minutes - I hardly ever use my phone, so the pay-by-minute plan is vastly cheaper for me most of the time. And then holidays roll around and I need a lot more minutes. ._.

5. Books! - Everyone asks for books. They're awesome. I like fantasy/sci-fi and Young Adult books (but no vampires, please)

The 'Totally Fangirling' Items

6. Bill/Fleur anything - Yes, I am a big, huge, slobbering Bill/Fleur fangirl, and there is simply not enough out there for them. Art, fics, art, or an RPG where I could play either one of them. Or art. If you can't tell, I like art.

7. Pimpage for my game - Because it's awesome? MWPP-era Role-Playing Game. If you know anyone who might be interested, send them my way?

8. OC Art - I've got a few perpetual works-in-progress that, and I would really love some art of my main characters for them. I think I ask for art so much because my own drawing skills don't even reach that of stick-figure level.

The Rest
9. Real Life friends! - I don't get out enough. Anyone in the LA/Glendale area looking to tear things up a bit?

10. Cards! Send me one and I'll send you one. ♥

AIM: CimplyBe
Address: Elizabeth Kear
810 W Glenoaks Blvd
Glendale, CA 91202
I can totally send you a card!...considering I live in California too, so postage won't be so bad on this one. XDDD

and I'll draw you some stuff, too. To be sent to you via snail mail of course. cx
Can I ask if you have a preference on Bill and Fleur on being movie-based or more book-based (or when/if you RP them, what PB you use?)? Or if it matters. I love to make all sorts of graphic art such as layouts and icons and manipulations, and I use Harry Potter as a common theme, so I could definitely do a special batch for you :)
Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply. I like them from the books (are they even in the movies? I've haven't seen any since the second one), but either way is all the same love to me. ^_~
I'd be happy to send you a card!

Also, I'd be happy to give drawing your OCs a shot! Just email anything you want drawn and describe the character and what kind of scene you want them in! I am not the best artist in the world, but I like trying. ;D

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