Sometimes, all you do need is love.

Hey, everyone! I'm Emily, a 22 year old in Ontario, Canada! I'm studying Interior Decorating in College, I'm a Pisces, and in my spare time I enjoy long walks on the beach am usually found right here on Livejournal ;).

I am so glad I found out about this community because the concept is wonderful! The idea of granting wishes for other people whom you've never even met makes me all warm and fuzzy :]

1. Anything That Benefits Animals - As a vegetarian and huge animal lover, this is the most meaningful gift ♥. Something like donation or sale where the funds go directly to helping animals, such as The Animal Rescue Site, where every single product benefits animals. I love all their products and love anything that has animals or pawprints on them! And even if it's a small donation to a local shelter near you, it helps every little bit; sometimes they have those angel trees where you can sponsor an animal for the holidays. Snap a picture of it and send it to me! :)

2. Holiday Cards - I don't often get mail that isn't junk or statements, so I would love to have a collection of cards to hang up in my room :). I celebrate Christmas, but the theme doesn't have to be anything specific. I also love to send cards out, so I'll be sure to send you one in return!

3. Fics/Drabbles - I would adore a special fic or drabble written from any of my fandoms or pairings! I have quite a lot and you're welcome to check out my userinfo or PM me for more detail, but here are a few: Merlin (Arthur/Morgana), Harry Potter (Harry/Luna), Alias (Lauren/Sark), Robin Hood BBC (Guy/Marian).

4. Scarves - Long, fluffy, any colour, any pattern. I just love them! I find a use to wear them practically all year round, and one can never have too many in Canadian winters ;).

5. Chocolate/Sweets - I have quite the sweet tooth and pretty much love every kind of chocolate and candy imaginable. I would be absolutely thrilled to receive holiday goodies in the mail!

6. International Trinkets - One of my dreams is to travel abroad and it would be brilliant to get something that I can't find here in Canada! Hot Topic is one example, as it sadly has no stores in Canada. I have a wishlist you can find by going here and putting in my Hotmail e-mail address:

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season <3! If you'd like my address please either e-mail me [], or message me through my journal. Thank you! <3.
I can definitely grant #1!
With a friend, I operate an independent animal rescue/shelter (meaning NO funding...all the expenses are paid from our own pockets). Although there is already a local shelter, it is NOT a no-kill, which we are. The other shelter here is a joke...they rarely take in any animals, and since they're funded with private donations, they can turn away any animals they want...which basically means if the animal is not perfect in every way - health, looks, personality - they won't take it.
We take in ANY animal that needs shelter...provided we can make room. In the three years we've been doing this, the two of us have rescued/found loving homes for/returned to their natural habitat over 350 animals.
Aww, that is amazing to hear about! Good on you for doing all that work for animals who wouldn't otherwise have any help :). I simply can't understand how someone can call themselves animal lovers and yet willingly kill some of them (albeit humanely, but to me there is no excuse to take a life of an animal).

Just this past summer, a neighbour found four small orphaned raccoons on their property and were planning on just calling the police to "dispose" of them after they didn't leave after a week. Suffice to say, I was horrified at the prospect and came with a box and gloves to scoop them up and take them home. Even advice from veterinarians was "call animal control - they'll shoot them" to which I was appalled yet again! Just because they are considered wildlife, they don't deserve a chance at life? So I built a two-story cage for them and carefully fed them in my garage and backyard until they were big enough. We lost one, but the other three were fine and after we set them free (thankfully we have a huge forest area right by where we live) they continued to come back every night to our back porch to eat food we left out for them! Now they are hibernating, but I look forward to seeing them again in 2010!

Anyway, I don't mean to ramble. It makes me smile to know there are people like you out there ♥
Oh, ramble away! I LOVE hearing stories about animals being rescued!
Thought you might like this on a category on the left side. All the animals in the pix are our rescues/fosters except the ones labeled "Wendy Woofers" and Wendy Meowers"(those belong to the person who's my partner in the escue), "Wiccie" (which is my own cat). The "Margie Menagerie is a farm whre we house lots of the larger fosters and lots of feral cats now call it home, too!
As you can see, we've had raccoons, too! Aren't they adorable? And skunks, too! SOOO cute!
Hee, I just start talking about them and I can't stop!

Oh my goodness, they are ALL so adorable! All the pictures make me want to cry - but out of happiness! :D

I have a golden retriever, myself, (I noticed the many pictures of goldens on the site!) as well as two cats, and currently going through the process of adopting a second rescued golden :).
Yes, the Goldens belong to my friend (and animal rescue partner) Wendy. All are rescues. The curly boy, Cody, came from an absolutley TERRIBLE situation...he was 7 when she got him, and the former owner bragged that he had NEVER been off the 6' chain in the backyard...and they got him at just 8 weeks old and he was still making do with the same small doghouse he had as a puppy!!! We got him in march, and it was still really cold, but he had NO bedding or blankets in there.They had also filed down his canine teeth...and yes,, those idiots did it themselves with a rasp! When we got him to the vet, we were told he was 30 pounds underweight. Poor guy didn't even know what to do with a toy when we gave him one...because he had never had one. Cody is now 12, a VERY spoiled old man, and is very much loved.
I'm donating fur coats I've found/inherited/dumpster-dove to Coats for Cubs this year.
It's very cool. I learned about it a few years ago from Bust Magazine. They cut up pelts to give animal rescues a more cozy environment :)
I sent you an e-mail with a picture and a little message! Happy holidays from Cats in Need of Human Care!!
I can't tell you how happy that picture made me! HEE :D. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays! Thank you for all you do for them <3.
if you send me your address i can happly send you a card!
as to scarves. i knot so can easily make a scarf.... although it wont be until after xmas...
but i need you to tell me if you wear wool.
i can do soy, or bamboo. or whatever, but if i dont hear anything else i do wool.
make sure you send "what i am senidng you " with yoru address, and put holiday wishes in the subject line!
have a beautiful holiday
Oh, wow, a handmade scarf would be amazing! Thank you so much for offering! :D. Wool is just fine, actually

I will certainly send you my address!

Happy Holiday to you, as well!
Hey! Thank you SO much!! (YAY, SPNLand! what team were you on?)

So we definitely share Supernatural as a fandom ;) I'm fairly canon (I don't ship Wincest- incest just isn't my thing XD) and like Sam/Jess, and Dean/Jamie (from Monster Movie) is actually one of my top pairings.

If there's a specific fandom you'd prefer to write from, just let me know and I'd be happy to give more details! :)
I can send you a holiday card. An email is on its way.
I went to your hot topic wish list and there wasnt anything on there. :(
Brilliant! Thank you! :D

Oh, I'm terribly sorry! It seems the link no longer works! Thanks for letting me know! If you go here to the "Find gift for a friend" at the bottom, you can find it by putting in my alternate e-mail which is