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Hello! My name is Yvie, I'm 23 and I have a daughter named Lilia and an awesome boyfriend. We're vegetarian, and we try to live a natural lifestyle. I'm a college student and want to someday become a Waldorf teacher and write/illustrate children's books. I realized after I made the list that most of the stuff is actually for my daughter because I guess I don't think about myself any more as much as I think about things I want to get for her. I think this community is a fabulous idea and I'm excited to try to find a wish I can grant!

Wooden Toys ~ I love wooden toys for Lilia but we don't reall have very many.
1. Vegetable Set Lilia loves to pretend to feed her toys, so I think she's love some play food.
2. Cooking Utensils To go with the play food. :D
3. Mini Police Car We have some cars, but we need a police car to chase the other cars with when they're speeding.
4. Anything from the Mookla website.

5. Any Handmade Girls Dress size 18 months ~ Lilia has grown out of most her dresses she has right now.

6. Organic / Vegan Body Care Products ~ I have no shampoo!

7. Amber Teething Necklace (Like this one) ~ Lilia's teething, and I got a necklace this month and she's been wanting to wear it so I wanted to get her one and this would be perfect.

8. Children's Books ~ Lilia loves books and can't get enough of them
A Gift for Baby Of all the books right now, I really want this one! I've looked at some of the pages in the book and I really want to read the rest. It looks really sweet.
9. Our Family Amazon Wishlist ~ There's a couple things added with the universal wishlist button, most of the things on the list are toys and house hold products.

10. Give someone you love a hug and tell them you love them. People don't do this enough.

My email is son_madelitty@yahoo.com

Address is:

Yvie Ray
19 Betty St.
Ukiah, CA

Could you take a gander at the Yes to Carrots webpage and see if these products suit your needs? If so, I'd be happy to send a little package of some along your way. They've been such a blessing to me, but I'm not vegan and so I'm not going to presume that they suit your restrictions.
That would absolutely suit my needs. :D And I'm actually very intrigued now by the products. That would be awesome! <3