Snoopy Christmas House

What I want for Christmas?

That's an easy answer I want to bring some happiness into the life of my friend Shi and help her family have a wonderful Christmas.

The last year and a half my friend has had some major losses in her life. Last year in November she lost her Grandmother at the age of 91 after years of being in a coma she finally passed on. Than to her and her family's shock and heartbreak she lost her beloved father on January 19, 2009 of pancreatic cancer. He had been diagnosed in December and passed on in January.

Since the passing of her father things have been a struggle emotionally and financially. They are missing such a huge part of their hearts and yet they are still trying to make a go.

I would really like to ask this amazing community to help her, grant a few of her wishes. Any of these wishes can be used stuff; it does not have to be new.

Thank you for helping me make a few of her wishes come true.

1. YourStory 37-5000 Book Binder and Laminator (Her mother)

After seeing it on TV she and her mother really want this.

2. A wii remote and nunchuck (Her Nephew)

3. Ornaments

This year she is getting her own tree. But here's the problem all the ornaments is her family's ornaments so her tree is going to be a bit hare. So anything that would help her out would be cool. I think she would love anything you have to give. Even handmade ornaments would be something she would love.

She loves hallmark ornaments, she tries to buy one once a year. But she would be happy if she can have a few this year. If you got any lying send it her way. She loves all Hallmark ornaments. I think she has the happy birthday Harry ornament she bought in October. I know she would love any past Harry Potter or any a Christmas story ornaments.

4. Buffy the vampire Slayer action figures

The only Buffy or Angel action figure she has is the 12" Vampire Willow and Welcome to the Hellmouth Darla Figure. I think Willow and Darla should have some friends :P Any size and it can be used I know she would love it anyway.

5. All things Harry Potter

She is a huge Harry Potter fan and anything Harry Potter from a scarf to a sorting hat would make her smile.

6. Weasley sweater tree ornaments

Is it possible for someone to knit her a few Weasley sweater ornaments for her tree?
To find the pattern for the mini sweaters google Weasley sweater ornaments pattern. Thanks.

7. Hogwarts crest tree ornaments from

This is her dream ornaments.

8. All things Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Anything and everything Buffy the vampire slayer. She is a huge fan since the fandom started and even now years after they show ended she still loves it.

9. Harry Potter action figures

She loves Harry Potter and action figures so any Harry Potter action figures I know she would love. Points if it's a Draco Malfoy or Luna Lovegood action figure.

10. Check out her Amazon List.

Scan through it who knows you may be able to grant something.

Shire Ikeda
P.O. Box 700335
Kapolei, HI 96709 - 0335

If you need her actual address since some of the items might not be able to ship to a P.O box e-mail her at and she will give you her address.

She knows I am doing this for her, which she didn't like at first but after some convincing she is okay with it.

Just place Holiday wishes in the subject and ask her she will give it to you.

Thank you please help me grant a few wishes and make her smile.
I bought a thing off her wishlist. I got the Snitch purse because it's so cute! Didn't wrap it or anything, I hope that's OK.