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Hello and happy holidays! My name is Erik. I'm a 23 year old undergraduate social work student. I live on the north shore of Massachusetts.

My wish list:

1. Anything off of my Amazon wishlist - used is a-okay.

2. Gift cards to Stop & Shop - a poor college student needs to eat, and this is the easiest and in fact only grocery store that I can get to on the bus.

3. To visit my girlfriend in Ottawa - Sadly, we've only been able to visit in person once, because of funds and because it's a long way from Boston to Ottawa. I love and adore my girlfriend and I miss her every day. She is about the best thing to ever happen to me. I am saving up for a trip up on her birthday in January. Any help would be gratefully accepted and appreciated.

4. A field internship/placement in Boston from January through the summer - I am desperately looking for a field placement, after finishing half of one and then becoming ill last spring and unable to complete. If any social service agency (preferably in or around downtown Boston, or Salem or Lynn, and T-accessible) needs an intern, look me up.

5. A college ring - I'm due to graduate in 2010, and it's been a hell of a ride through college, and I'd love to have a proper ring to celebrate it.

6. Anything Ottawa Senators-related - The Sens are my favorite hockey team. I like all the players although Daniel Alfredsson is probably my favorite.

7. Sketchbooks - I love to draw, and sketchbooks are hard to come by and expensive on a college student budget. Preferably 9"x12" or 11"x14" and wirebound

8. A messenger bag - Timbuk2, medium. My old backpack is leaning toward giving up the ghost and I've always wanted a decent messenger bag.

My contact is ice.badger[at]gmail.com
I attempted to contact them a number of times over the summer, but no one ever got back to me. :/ I can certainly try again. :) Thanks for the suggestion.
They used to (I haven't lived in MA for 10 years) have a van that showed up at Harvard Square at night around 8pm during the week, you might be able to catch some of their workers there
I might have a sketch book for you-- it'll be missing a couple of pages, but otherwise still good. I won't be able to send to you until after the holidays, though-- it's sitting in the basement of my parents' house and I won't be there until Christmas week. If this sounds acceptable, please email me:
strange.butnotastranger AT gmail.com

Woo, a fellow Sens fan! I'll definitely see what I can do in regards to that (#6) and e-mail you later. I'm in Ottawa and Senators memorabilia is commonplace here ;D

Happy Holidays, and I do hope you get to see your girlfriend! :)