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Hi. My name's Madi, I'm 22 and I live in the UK. Here's my wishlist:

1. Any information you have on the Dudson family, in particular, the formation of the Dudson, Wilcox and Till pottery company. If you have access to any UK censuses, I can give you specific names I'm looking for information on. Alternatively, I'd like these books.

2. Books on advertising/creative ideas. I have a few in my Amazon wishlist.

3. Advertising post cards. Particularly Guinness or Coca-Cola, but I'm interested in any and all.

4. Bookmarks. Maybe with a pretty landscape on, or a nice design.

5. Mix CDs or uploaded music recommendations.

6. Ideas on how to graphically display my family tree. A lot of my ancestors had 6+ children and this makes it difficult to display everyone. I have signed up to many ancestory websites, but I want to display it with good ol' paper and pen to show my Grandad.

7. Any old marketing magazines/newspaper articles. Not just from the UK either, I'm interested in them from all over the world. At the moment, my favourites are Marketing Week, PR Week, Campaign and Creative Review.

Please comment for my email/postal address.

Thanks. I'll be granting a few of your wishes soon. Hope everyone has a nice Christmas. :)
I have postcards for you. Email me your address: moira_says_hi @ hotmail. :)
Have you considered the classic tree approach? Also have you considered a kinship diagram like they use for cultural anthropology? For either if you start with a list of the names grouped by kinship you can use graph paper to rough it out before you make your finished product; it can save a lot of heartache in not having enough space for names,
Re: #6
The classic tree approach is what I'm having trouble with really. I think my main problem is that I want to put everyone I find on my tree, even the 12 siblings who didn't, to my knowledge, get married to have any children. Is that how the kinship diagram would help? I wasn't aware of what it was so I googled it but I'm still not sure of what it really is. Would I forget about who my female ancestors married and just stick with those who carried on the family name? Any more help would be appreciated, please!
Re: #6
Well with the classic kinship diagram, you would start with the person the tree is clustered around, starting with you or your grandfather would be a good point. Then you work your way up from them and down from them. Family members who got married but had no kids would just be a linked couple, and people who never got married would stand on their own on the line where they were related.

It should work for a fairly large family, it is the way most cultural anthropologists keep track of relationships.

I will post some links to examples if you'd like.
Re: #6
Thanks so much. I'll try this approach and see if it looks any simpler for my Grandad to look at!
Would you be willing to accept a .zip file of mp3s? I can't afford stamps, but would love to share music with you. :)
Email me your address and I'll get that together in the next couple days. My email is amethystfirefly at gmail dot com. Make sure to put Holiday Wishes in the subject line so it doesn't get lost. :)
Dur. I suppose if you email me, I'll already have your email address. -lol-

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