Have yourself....

Hello all! My name is Sarah or Sadie. I’m an 18 year old college student in Maine. I’m an elementary education major and, obviously, I love kids. This is my third year doing this and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m an avid reader and find interest in other arts as well. I’ve been reading a lot of wishlists and getting organized to start granting wishes. :)

1. My big wish this year, The British versions of the Harry Potter books. I have first editions of all the American ones, which I have read over and over, but I want to read and own the British ones as well. I don’t mind what editions or covers or hardback or paperback or anything. The words are what’s important.

2. Relatedly, Harry Potter things. I had a bracelet (like the Livestrong bracelets) that I got at the book 6 release that was blue and had the word ‘Ravenclaw’ on it. I wore it for a year and a half before it snapped from the wear. I am a strong Ravenclaw and, if it’s important, ship Harmony. My favorite characters are Molly Weasley (and Arthur), Lily and James, Harry, and Hermione, though I love the series as a whole.

3. My other obsession is Disney Princesses , so anything of them is lovely too, particularly hair things like clips, and pencils and pens and so on. My favorites are Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White, particularly together.

4. I am also Finnish and proud of that, but as an American, I don’t have a lot of access to Finnish things.

5. I picked this website up from a wishlist last year. Post Pals is an organization that allows people to mail things to sick kids. It cheers these kids up so much to get things in the mail. I personally like the Post Pals program because of the organization of the site, but if international mail is out of your reach, I urge you to find a similar program in your country of residence.

6. Cards and things. I love getting them, particularly when someone takes the time to write me a message inside.

For my address, you can email me at s.croppers[at]gmail[dot]com. And if you respond, please leave your list so that I can try to reciprocate.

Could help you with Finnish things! E-mailing~

I'm not promising anything (I'm not sure if I can get it, that's why) but I may be able to get you "autographs" from the Disney princesses. (It's basically a piece of paper that has Princess names ie Jasmine, Snow White, etc in all different fonts) Would you like something like that?

If so, send me your info: worstxintentions at gmail dot com with the subject "Holiday Wishes - Disney Princesses"
I know a Finnish thing! I took a class on the Kalevala in college - we read in translation, but we had to memorize a piece of Finnish so that we could at least stumble through the pronunciation. I learned this bit of folk poem:

Ennenpä heitän herkkuruat
paistit pappilan unohdan
ennen kun heitän herttaiseni
kesän kestyteltyäni
talven taivuteltuani.

I will sooner leave fine foods
and forget rectory roasts
before I leave my sweetheart
the one I tamed all summer
and persuaded all winter

(trans. Keith Bosley)