my wishlist! :)

hi everyone! im jennzah, im 30, and this is my wishlist. im not asking for alot this year because i've been so blessed!

however, i'm moving to england this month to be with my fiance, which means i've given up alot of my things. this is my wishlist for when im over there :)

1. anything off my amazon uk wishlist. lots of these things are things i need to replace, mostly books as im an avid reader but books are very heavy to ship and take over there with me!

2. giftcards to borders. like i said, rebuilding my library would be the best thing ever for me! :)

3. giftcard to old navy - this is pretty much the only place where i can wear clothes i feel comfortable in!

4. anything to do with turtles. i love them, whether it's a little stuffed animal or whatever, they are so cute!

and thats it! i'll take a look around here and see what damage i can do to your lists! <3 have a brilliant christmas :)

UK Address :

Jennzah Morris
19 Edgcumbe House, Union Street
Plymouth, Devon PL1 3HD
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I can't really help but, I moved to the UK to be with a Brit too! :)
Scotland! :) St Andrews, specifically. He's here to do a PhD so I'm along for the ride.

For what it's worth - I miss my books too! My Mom's keeping them but I want them so badly!
ah! i live in Plymouth, which is about as far away from Scotland as you can possibly get! way down south!

it's been very, very hard to choose which books are coming and which had to stay. i gave over 40 to my sister in law to keep and i have three boxes in my mums basement. *sigh* :( as a YA/UF librarian and a writer, it's killing me!
Heh, most of my books are YA. I just love them too much.. Luckily, my next trip over I (should!) be able to get the rest into suitcases.. I hope so. :(
yeah, but they make the suitcases SO heavy and now that most of the flights have downsized to only ONE checked bag.. it sucks! but im gonna make it, and then rebuild in the UK because books are pretty damn cheap there :) still im pretty broke at the moment what with all the moving costs, so ugh! lol. i feel your pain. :)
I already decided I'm just going to put my small carry on suitcase in my largest suitcase when I go over, then on the way back pay Continental the $50 for an extra suitcase and fill the small one with all books (wrapped in clothes) that way it reaches the weight limit AND I can get them all across! (Um, yes, I HAVE given this great thought). The husband is Elite on Continental so he gets 2 bags automatically so I'll just steal one of his (if he comes). Then on the flight itself we're gonna put the bookbag he already takes INSIDE my 2 bookbags that are stateside then I'm going to use a bright red bag I have that I want to bring over.

Phew. So much thought has been given into this!

I moved over in September and I miss my stuff. How stupid, right? But this just doesn't feel like "home" yet.

And we're broke too! Between me and the cat we spent all our money. But it's okay, at lease we're together. When did you come over on your fiancée visa?
im actually coming over on the 30th on a holiday visa, then we're applying for the fiancee visa. i understand about paying for the cat to come over as well, my cat is clear to go on the 29th of April!

we fly British Airways, and we're paying for an extra bag so it should be all good, so yeah. where we're moving to already feels like home to me... England feels more like home than here does (were you from Illinois? if so, im from Wisconsin, very cool), i have more friends, and of course my Anthony :)

but thanks for the tip, i will defintely use it! :)
Holiday visa? I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with that visa..

And the cat was more stressful, to me, than anything else. I was so afraid something'd go wrong, but it didn't and he's here now :) I would be lonely without him!

I flew BA on my way over. (Because they were one of the few airlines from Chicago that flew animals). But I'm not particular to any airline. I know BA's extra baggage policy was stricter than any of the otehrs.. :/

And yes, central/southern Illinois. :) I miss it something dreadful.

And what tip?? :)