Hooray! It's that time!

I've been waiting to post, though I've been sneaking around and bookmarking lists I think I can help with. But I figured I should finally get around to posting my own. ;)

As the quick background- I've been doing this for a few years. I'm 23, from NJ, with a cat and a horse. I adore the holidays hardcore, and Holiday Wishes is probably one of my most favorite things ever. hehe.

Onto the wishes...

1. Snail mail! Letters, postcards, random objects with stamps taped on... I love getting mail. Just no bills, please. ;)

2. Seeds. I love gardening, and while I only have a small balcony, I fill it with potted plants. I love the feeling of starting plants from seed, and watching them grow and grow...

3. Books! I love reading. Especially now that I'm out of school, I have more time for it. I'll try out nearly any book, but my love remains with the fantasy genre. (There's a list of everything I've already read here- Read List! ) Even if you just want to give me suggestions for things I should read, that's fine!

4. Donate to an animal welfare group. I adore horses, so I usually donate to ones like Habitat for Horses and The Horse Protection Association of Florida. Comment with where you donated to; I'd love to know :)

5. My Little Ponies, particularly the old, 'vintage' ones from the 80s and early 90s. They were a beloved part of my childhook that I still can't get enough of.

6. Breyer Model Horses. My other collection-addiction, I adore Breyers. Going to BreyerFest this summer only increased the addiction.

7. Ornaments! This is the second year I'll have my very own tree, so I'm still building up my arsenal of ornaments to cover it with ;)

8. Marinades, sauces, spices and other such things. Or suggestions for good ones, or recipes. In this 23rd year of my life, I've decided that I'm sick of failing at cooking. I've been experimenting more, and have discovered that I love marinating stuff.

9. Cat or horse toys, for my minions :)

10. Do something unexpectedly nice for someone, without expecting anything in return for yourself.

If anyone needs my address, feel free to send an email to etaven@gmail.com and I'll supply it :)

Thanks! *dancedance*