Solstice Blessings and Season's Greetings

OK, so, this is year 2 or 3 here. It's been a blast, getting, and more important granting wishes.
I am a single mom of 3 kids. I have an 11 yo dd and 3 yo twin ds's. The twins both have Cerebral Palsy, so I am a stay at home mom, to make sure their needs are met. Single + stay at home = not a lot of money for the holidays.
Anyway - on to my list.

1) Fun and/or Fuzzy socks for me and/or the kids. My dd wears a ladies sz 6, the twins are in toddler 24mo socks. I wear a ladies size 10

2) Toy trains or cars for the boys. They LOVE to drive things around the house. Gently used is perfectly fine, it will be new for them.

3) Anything American Girl or anything with faeries for my daughter. She's at that akward "tween" age, but these are 2 things I KNOW she still likes.

4) Books for me or the kids. Anything age appropriate for the kiddos, and romance, true crime or suspense for me.

5) BPAL. I discovered th BPAL line last year. I don't wear floral/flowery scents well, but any spice or food scents are great. Any imps (even partials) you have laying around that you didn't like, or don't wear anymore, and are just taking up space, would be greatly appreciated.

6) Windchimes or sun catcher type decorations to hang from the cedar tree in the back yard. Butterflies, faeries, sun/moon style. Something to pretty up the tree and give us something to look at and listen to when we're outside.

7) This one is not really for me or my family. Buy this book, for a child in your life. I helped inspire this book. It's a great empowering book for young children who are afraid of the dark. (I get nothing from the sale of the book, except the knowledge that another child gets to share in the story)

8) Flavored coffee or tea. Caffenated or decaf is fine. Just something to drink on a snowy winter night, to keep me warm.

9) Gift cards for Walmart, Target or PetCo, so I can stock up on household things for us and the critters, would help a lot.

10) Thank a soldier or First Responder. My friends brother is in Iraq this holiday season and another friends son is a cop. These people put their lives on the line every day, for us. Please remember them, thank them, send up a prayer/send energy for them and their safety.

My contact info
458 Holly Terrace
Ballwin, Mo 63011

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season. Thank you, in advance, for any wish you can grant us.
*wanders off to find wishes she can grant*
Out of curiosity, what do 'dd' and 'ds' mean? And I may be able to grant your wish for tea! I'm very fond of it myself, and I have a great one in mind for you!!
That's adorable~~ Have you heard of the Good Earth brand? It's what I'm planning on sending~! I might throw a little something else in there, too, if I can find something extra special. Blessings to you~
i MAY be able to find some age appropriate books....
but i CAN send you some BPAl.
and flavored tea
can you email me? with a link? my computer is flaking out and i want to make sure i dont miss anyone.
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com (holiday wishes in the subject line)
Are there any imps in particular that you've been wanting to try? I have a rather large collection of them, and there are a few just itching to be passed along to someone who might like and appreciate them more than I can.

Either way, I will definitely be sending you some imps and tea just as soon as I can.
Thsank you very much. I don't know what scents I want, but I do know that overly flowery (especially rose) scents react badly with my chemistry, so perhaps avoiding them would be good. But, whatever you send will be appreciated. :)
Do you have a link to your list? Maybe I can find something on there I can do for you, too.
Happy Holidays!!
I have a cable car that you pull back on the floor and it goes on it's own. Would you like me to wrap it in gift-wrap too?
Gift wrap would be nice, but don't go to any trouble. Thank you so much!! I know the boys will love it. :D
I just find it more fun to have a variety of wrapping under the tree lol makes it look like there is more than there might really be.
Great thinking. Unusual wrapping paper also adds to the mystery o who the gift is from. Yeah, go ahead and wrap it. Thanks!!!
Does your daughter have the AG dolls, or does she just like the books? I'm making my niece some doll clothes and would be happy to make up some more if she has a favorite American Girl.
Thank you for asking. Yes, my daughter has a few of the dolls, thanks to her Grammy. Her favorite doll right now is Samantha.
It is so generous of you to offer to make her doll clothes. I know she'd love it.
Have a blessed holiday.
Let me see what patterns I have that would be good for Sam. Does she have any Just Like You dolls? I know I have modern patterns
She has on that looks like her (blonde/hazel). What ever you can come up with will be appreiated... modern or historical. It doesn't matter.
Ok, that gives me some more options.
I'll send a little something for the boys too. I have a 4 year old car nut here myself.
No wish list. Just keep it moving and try and grant a wish for someone else's kids :)

My SIL is a single mom too. Good thing I can sew or else my niece would have some naked dollies!
A true "Santa's Little Helper" that's great!!! I have already found a few kids I can help this Holiday season. Your neice is lucky to have such a good Aunt.
Whee. I am so excited. Thank you so much. I can't wait to see what you've made. I have NO sewing skills, whatsoever, so I am always amazed by what people can do.