My wishlist

What a great idea. This is my first year participating. I'm Jennifer, 36 and I live in Canada. Here is my wishlist:

1. Cherry Ames books - they are out of print but many people have them still and I collect them

2. A biography on Eleanor Roosevelt

3. An introductory to sociology textbook

4. Used stamps for my parents' church - they sell

5. 1st Edition Nancy Drews

6. Writing paper that I can't get in Canada like Diddl or House Mouse

7. The play "'Night Mother" by Martha Norman

8. 2nd season of Grey's Anatomy

9. A biography of Dwight D Eisenhower

10. A Christmas card and maybe a letter inside so we can get to know each other!

Jennifer Grant
PO Box 95535 RPO Newmarket Centre
Newmarket ON L3Y 8J8
Now, you beat me to it. I was going to post a list asking for Cherry Ames, and (because I'm greedier) Sue Barton too. I only had one Cherry Ames, the original, bought at a library sale, but I gave it to a friend's daughter when she finished her nurse's training...

Do you mean used, canceled stamps, like you'd tear off envelopes? U.S. stamps, or more exotic?
Yep, any kind of used stamp (even the most basic kinds) they are able to sell. Last year they made over $1,000 on my little penpal hobby!

I have some doubles of Cherry Ames. If you want to send me your address in a private message, I'll send you one that I have two of!
That would be wonderful! It's my favourite play of all time and I misplaced my copy when I moved. Do you have a list?
It will be on it's way this weekend, then!

I do, but it hasn't left the queue yet.
i am sorry i cant help, but....
have you looked at ? you can search for your books on other crossers bookshelves and ask if they will trade/gift/loan them to you
i am fabric-dragon there.. there is a bookcrossers Lj group also
we HAVE bookcrossers in Canada
we have bookcrossers in Canada?! not so MANY, but we have them....
i wonder what the issue is?

perhaps the people on the LJ bookcrossers site can help? i am technologically impaired, myself

if worse comes to worse, find a neutral email you can use, like a hotmail account, and name a state/town on the usa side of the border. i dont know why it would not let you......
So I've put you down on my 'secretly send x-mas card' list.

I also have "Sociology in our times" from my SOCI101 class. BUT I have to see how much shipping would be to send it your way. If you want to cover shipping, it's all yours. Otherwise you'll have to wait til I see how much it is, and then save up for that much if I can.
Yeah. Let me go find out how much shipping is and I'll let you know. :) Finals are next week, so be patient lol
Alright, finals over. I'll be heading out to the post office this week (hopefully tomorrow) and I can get you a price for shipping the book to canada :) if you still want it.
Would you be opposed to a compilation of Marsha Norman plays? I'm 90% sure one of the ones I have includes 'night Mother
I could send you my copy of 'night Mother... but it's my acting copy so it's all highlighted up and has blocking written in it. I did that play as my senior project in college :)
Actually someone already offer "'night, mother" but thanks so much for thinking of me. Once this weekend is over and all my essays are written, I can't wait to go through the requests and see what I can do!