It's That Time Again

1. Donate to Coats for Cubs
Feel bad about that warm coat you bought ages ago or can't bare to throw away that lovely pelt you inherited from Old Aunt Trudie? Don't fret about it... DONATE IT! Coats for Cubs takes fur of all kinds to make a more comfy environment for animal rescues. Remember, animals look cuter than you do in a nice fur coat ;)
(I'm not against fur/leather, but share it if you're not using it, you know?)

2. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist
Apparently it's not that common to organize wishlists on Amazon, but that's what I've done (so my lists are linked underneath the picture). Anything in the videos/music lists, I will also graciously accept as (burned) copies.

3. Audiobooks of my favourite authors
My favourite authors (whom I'd want to read to me) are Chuck Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman, Irvine Welsh, Lemony Snicket, and Vladimir Nabokov (though, I already have Lolita on audiobook- and I highly recommend it because it's Jeremy freaking Irons <3<3<3 ;).

4. Lord of the Flies
I collect copies of this book- old and new, ancient edition, new edition, battered, bruised, whatever. I've rescued almost half my copies from dumpsters.

5. Vegan sweets recipes
I'm not vegan, but I have friends who are. And I make cakes/cupcakes/sweets for a hobby, and they must be pretty sick of being left out. More than anything, I'm on the prowl for a good vegan icing recipe. And if anyone knows if vegan fondant (rolled and poured) exists, let me in on it. One requirement for all recipes, though: They must be delicious ;)

6. Imps from BPAL
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have some really unique scents and I am just dying to smell some of them.

7. Unique holiday cards
Doesn't matter what holiday it is, either. Hanukkah, Christmas, Halloween, April Fool's, Carl Sagan Day... whatever... I just want fun/unique ones. I got one a couple years ago (or maybe it was last year) that had 'a book lover's christmas' on it that involved 'A Potter In A Pear Tree' and it was the coolest card I ever recieved!

8. A Time Machine
I know, I know, just lay myself down on the bed and lose consciousness and I'll wake up hours in the future. But I want one that can let me travel back in time so I can skip stones with Carl Sagan and tell myself to take better care of my teeth and body. (for convenience, please send me one that can also travel through space).

9. Music Mixes
I like getting cool new music- I especially like mixes of music you like that it seems no one else really likes. Also, if you do send me a CD, try to send it in a heavy or medium-heavy cardboard/cardstock packaging (at least). 2 years ago, I got a broken CD :(

10. Selfishness
The holidays are for giving. Use some of these precious days before the holidays to do things entirely for yourself. You know you deserve it.

Here's my address:

Fawn LaRoche
392 Clay Rd. #22
Rochester, NY 14623
#8: If Santa brings me the TARDIS I keep asking for, I will totally swing by and pick you up!

#10: Tomorrow on my way to work, I am totally stopping for a peppermint latte. I have been dying for one!
Sweet! If you can, get the Doctor to grab me by the hand and say "run" ;)
Writing you up a card right now.

Sadly, it won't be as cool as the book lovers one, but will be a semi-cheesy Australain one with cartoon marsupials on it...
i happen to have some BPAl imps just sitting here unsniffed.... un adored....
all i ask is that if they dont suit you? pass em on. one persons UGH! is another's OOooooooooo!

i have vegan sweets recipes. BUT! there is in fact a set of books you want to get:
"vegan cookies invade your kitchen" i probably have the title wrong..... search amazon or borders or whatever for "vegan cookies invade"

its a series.... all deserts, including CUPCAKES
Oh! I saw the vegan cupcakes one at the bookstore a while ago, but didn't have time to look at it at the time...
I shall promptly get it upon the morrow :D
I have added you to my mix cd list. You will get a cd. I can't guarantee that you'll get it by Christmas, but certainly by Easter.