The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

Hello there! ^_^

I'm Emily, a 17-year-old girl from Maryland. Writing, reading, music and God are my main loves and passions in life. I just discovered this community this year, and I think it's wonderful what you're doing here ^_^

My Wishlist:

1) Regular comments on my journal. I just like the comradery that you get here, and comments are one of the things I most look forward to in my day. The sharing of thoughts and ideas... there's something freeing about it.

2) Snail Mail I adore getting cards, letters, and various other correspondences. It brightens my day and breaks the monotony nicely.

3) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book. I used to have the entire set of the series, but I lent several to my aunt and she misplaced that book. It would be so great to have to full set again.

4) Blokus board game. I played this game with my cousins and promptly became addicted to it. I love board games in general, and this one exercises my mind unlike any other I've played.

5)Harvest Moon: Magical Melody game for Game Cube I lent my copy of this game to a friend, who has since moved away and lost contact with me. I'd really enjoy being able to play it again.

6)Transformers DVD This is my favorite movie EVER. It's so action-packed and exciting! I'd really love a copy to own so I can enjoy it many more times without paying rental fees.

7) Tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in Washington, DC. I absolutely adore Taylor and her music, and so does my mom! So I'm hoping to get concert tics and go with her, so we have a memory to bond over when I go away to college next year.

8) Donations to my church. The place that I consistently feel the most loved, accepted, and peaceful is at church. I am very involved in trying to make my church that awesome place for everyone. But, now we are facing some serious budget problems and are having to cut programs that make people's worship meaningful. So donations to the church would be so so appreciated. E-mail me if you want the address.

9)iTunes giftcard. I am a tad bit addicted to buying songs on iTunes, and any giftcards towards that are welcome.

10) Grant someone else's wish. I am on a mission this year to spread holiday cheer whereever I go, so by granting someone else's wish you'll be helping me with my holidasy goal.

Contact me via email: amayasora [at] gmail [dot] com
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i can send you snail mail..... but can you email me your address ? kirsten at fabricdragon dot com (put holiday wishes in the subject line or my spam filter goes NOmnomnom)

i will try to comment on your lj.. but i am not so good at keeping up on my flist, it sort of depends on if you post when i happen to be browsing....
I just added as you a friend and I'll try to comment often! I would send you some snail mail but I live in the UK and I can't afford to send over there right now. I just looked at your journal and it seems interesting so you can expect some comments from me ^_^