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Omg, I remember participating in this over two years ago. Time flies by so quickly! :D Moving on, my name is Shirley and I'm 18 years old, currently living in boring Connecticut haha. I love the Holidays, I feel happiest when December comes around and you can feel the holiday spirit in the air! ♥ So here is my wishlist!

1) Snail-mail of any kind! holiday cards, a random note, pictures, something that you made yourself. I love receiving things in the mail, a lot better than getting the odd junk mail and bills!

2)Books! I lost many of my old books while moving, and now my bookshelf looks too empty for me. I like anything fantasy/scifi, fairy tales, but I'll read anything basically.

3)Stationary! You can never have enough pens, markers, pencils and notebooks!

4)Junk food from different countries! Haha, this is my stomach talking. We could even do a trade, and I'd send some of my favourite snacks from here~

5)A note of inspiration. I've been feeling down lately, and something with inspiring words would make my day. Or a story of someone accomplishing what they thought was impossible.

6) Borrowing this idea from someone on my flist! Someone to have a shared journal with. I'd keep it for a month/week and then send it off and you'd keep it, so we'd be trading off. I think it's a cool way to learn more about something, not to mention fun!!

7) Anything girly? Lol, like sweet smelling things, idk.

8)Bento items, I'm trying to get into the habit of preparing them again, and eating my own meals instead of ordering out or something!




Email: shirleeeh@hotmail.com

Link me to your wish-lists if you can fulfill one of mine~! ♥ ♥
Mmmm...I think I like that shared journal idea! Would you be interested in trying it with lil' ol' me? ♥
I would love to! You can send me an email at shirleeeh@hotmail.com so we can exchange address, etc.

PS: Your icon is really cute!
E-mail sent, sweetie. :3 Oh, and when I get your addy, I'd love to send you a Christmas card too. :3

Thank you! I saw it and nearly died - Code Geass is such a big fandom with me so Christmas icons featuring Code Geass are very much win!
i can do snail mail.. and girly BPAl if you like.

as to fun stuff........ you are in connecticut? then you are not far from Arisia its a SF convention in Boston area... lots of fun. i merchant there.
That would be great, thanks! Just send me an email for my info, and a link to your wishlist as well. :D

I've never heard of that convention before, but it sounds like it'd be a great time. I'll have to check it out next time it comes around!
lol, if i can find a link to mine i will add it, i am very bad at that.
will send email
Arisia will be in January, as usual
its something to do post Holidays, its fun, indoors, and lots of nice (if odd) people.
Ooh, let's do the snack trade thing! E-mail me: glumbumble at gmail dot com. :D

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot. Link to my list.

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The shared journal idea you have sounds absolutely brilliant. Were you thinking of something that would follow very much along the lines of a standard journal, or were you thinking something to fill more with inspiring pictures, clippings, and things like that?
I was thinking anything that you wanted to put in! It could be a regular entry, to a poem you wrote, random thoughts you had, pictures etc! The more varied, the better!
Yes, isn't chocolate the best? :D

Thank you! shirleeeh@hotmail.com send me an email here for my info and stuff.

As for your wishlist, I think I can do the cat toys! So just include your address in the email :)