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I'm Debbie, a struggling creative person from near London in the UK. I'm vegan, and live with my bf, and my mother who runs an animal rescue from home. I love dark things and happy things, and I could tell you all sorts of things about me, but let's get on with the wishes! :)

1. WHITE STRIPES STUFF! I'd really love anything to do with The White Stripes or Jack White. Merchandise, magazine cuttings (even small pictures), CD singles (I don't have any of the singles), live recordings, anything at all will make me very happy!

2. -no longer wanted-

3. Post a link to my website, or click 'I like it' on stumbleupon. I'm struggling to make it as a photographer at the moment, and the more hits on my site the better! (also feedback is always nice :) It's here: www.debbieattwell.com

4. Brightly-coloured, cute/kawaii accessories or clothes! If it would look cute on a 5-year old, I'll probably love it. For clothes I'm a size 10. I'd like hair things, jewellery, tops, little skirts, anything you have sitting around not being used, I like second-hand things :)

5. Halloween stuff! I love Halloween, and my room contains creepy things all year round, not just at Halloween! Any Halloween stuff at all would be great, maybe things you used this year but don't really want to keep. Anything unusual or from outside the UK (American Halloween stuff looks so cool!) would be especially amazing.

6. Watch/listen to some comedy! My partner does comedy and he's in what has been called "The most underrated double-act in the UK!". I'd really love more people to watch/listen to some of his stuff. There is a half hour pilot show on youtube that is absolute surreal genius, and also lots of free podcasts on iTunes. Watch or listen, leave some feedback, and if you like it, pass on the link :)

Youtube: Pilot in 3 parts / Free podcasts: Will open in iTunes

7. Creative and strange friends! I find it hard to meet people I connect with. I don't use my LJ much anymore, but look at my profile and see if we have anything in common? We could always connect on facebook!

8. Peanut butter M&Ms for my boyfriend, you can't get them over here!

9. A copy of a TV show called 'The Pitts'. A comedy show that only ran for a few episodes, my bf has been trying to find it for years but to no avail!

10. Mix CDs! The more eclectic the mix the better! I love to hear new music. (to give you an idea, I like metal, rock, alt, J-pop, indie, 50s American stuff, humourous, odd bits of pop, soundtracks, kids music... please NO coldplay, snow patrol, or take that! Everything else I can cope with ;)

Message me for my address. And if you have something to send me, please don't tell me what it is, I love surprises!!
I could probably send you some Halloween stuff! Would you mind emailing me your address?

strange.butnotastranger AT gmail.com

#7 Not sure about the creativity either, but I can tell you that I don't fit in anywhere, so, I might be strange.;) And we share a love for Halloween and Tim Burton.
I've liked you on StumbleUpon! And sent you a message about mailing you something ^_^
Thank you!! But I couldn't seem to reply to your message cos you have privacy options enabled :/

I left a comment on your LJ telling you, cos I only just noticed your comment on here, d'oh!
I checked out your site and followed you on Blogspot! I really like your photos I hope you add more to your blog soon!
just the fact that you're vegan, love spooky things (and keep them up all year, like me!), and have a gremlins icon makes me want to be friends with you, haha. add me if you want ♥

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Yes yes I shall add you! There are a lot of your other interests that I haven't listed myself, but I'm also into as well :)

Yay, a new friend!
i'm very odd, and i've been told that i'm creative...so i don't know if i'm odd and creative in the right ways but i'll add you!
Would you be willing to accept a .zip file of mp3s? I can't afford stamps, but would love to share music with you. :)
If you want creative and strange friends, that's easy: you can either add me, or, if you're not using LJ as often anymore, we can write to each other using e-mail or snail-mail. For starters, my e-mail ad is: bloodonmoral at yahoo dot co dot uk.
1. OH MAN. So I used to be a HUGE White Stripes fan (my taste has changed a bit, yet I still like Jack White and somehow know all of the lyrics to songs still) and I have a shirt from like, 2003, I wanna say? that I've been wanting to find a new owner for, in a way. This is the only picture I can find online, and I wanna say it's a smallish size because I grew out of it pretty fast. Anyway, are you interested...?
Oooh oooh I would LOVE it!! It's ok that it's smallish cos I'm quite small anyway :) That would be fantastic, thank you so much!! If you give me your email addy I can send you my address?
I think I fall under the strange friend category? Will friend ;)