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Hi all! This community makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I'm 25, just newly married (in July),a bank teller, and I live in the chilly state of WI. Below is my list.

1. Schick intuition razor and/or refills.

2. Foreign coins of any kind (Canada-I love the different "tails" sided coins. The Olympics ones are cool!)

3. Yarn, crochet hooks, or crochet patterns. I'm really into amigurumi, but am dying to learn a good afghan stitch.

4. Snail anything. They're my favorite animal.

5. A surprise of any sort (nothing sexual, though, please. Ha.)

6. Hand made art- sketches, paintings, yarn craft, scrap book, etc.

Rachel Johnson
N86 W15237 Appleton Ave Apt. #12
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Thanks for considering my wishes. Now I'm off to look at yours! Happy Holidays!
I can and will use any size crochet hook. Made out of anything. For playing around, though, size K is my favorite for some reason. What's yours? It's always interesting to see which size people prefer.
I prefer size H/ 5.0 mm myself. :D It really is interesting to find what other people like to work with. I find H is just middle of the road enough, not too big, not too small.

What does K translate to in mm? Never mind, I googled it. :p I think I have just the thing to send. :D

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Okay I am horribly bad at getting things organized but I FINALLY sent your package off and to make up for it, I included a couple other size hooks. :D I hope you like them! Really sorry it took me so long to getting around to mailing them, but better late than never. :D
I can send you a few Australian coins.I'll just have to huny through my purse for some shiny ones.
Hey, neat, thanks! As a bank teller, I often find foreign coins when people bring in their coins to count, but I don't think I've EVER gotten an Australian one!