Happy Holidays ^___^

Hi! My name is Kristi and I’m 25 years old. I’m from Lancaster, NY which is a suburb just outside of Buffalo. I’m a librarian. :) The holidays are going to be a bundle of stress this year because I’m not sure where I’m going to be. I live with my mom and our duplex (my Uncle & cousin live upstairs, they’re displaced as well) had a fire earlier in the year, though the house is in the process of being rebuilt, we have no idea if it will be ready by Christmas. (My mom and I are sharing a room at my grandparent’s house) However, we’re still receiving mail, so items like cards and small packages can go to our house.

1) Christmas Cards or Postcards. I have a desk space that I would love to decorate. Anything to add to it would bring a smile to my face on a long work day at the library.

2) Teas – I particularly like Chai, so any type of that is such love. However, I’m willing to try anything. I never seem to have tea at hand when I catch colds either. :(

3) Crystals/Rocks/Gemstones

4) Anything that has to do with waterfalls - I am utterly entranced by them.

5) Anime DVDs

6) Manga (Any shounen ai or yaoi is greatly appreciated ^__~)

7) Energizer lithium batteries, double A - I love taking photos.

8) Chocolates/Candies

9) Car air fresheners – any scent, any design, any shape. Many can easily slip into an envelope. Surprise me! :)

10) Anything from my Amazon Wishlist
My Amazon.com Wish List

Address for cards & small packages:

Kristi Klier
53 Caswell St.-Lower
Lancaster, NY 14086

If anything is going to be sent that may be larger, please email me for my grandparents’ address.


Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. - Lao Tzu
Hey, a person in the tristate area! ♥ I'm from Jersey~

I'll add you to my card list if you like. I miiiiight actually have some shounen-ai manga laying around that I don't read that I could pass on to you if you'd like. :3
I'd love to be added to your card list. ^__^

And, any shounen ai manga is love. <3 It is dutifully cuddled & huggled before read in a voracious, yet gentle manner. ^__~!
:D! As I would you~♥

I'll have to look through my collection to see what I can pass down to a fellow shounen-ai fan! :3 We have to stick together, ya know. X3
*grin* You'll be getting a Christmas card from me. ^__^

Also, do you have a favorite shounen-ai pairing? I noticed on your wishes you mentioned fanart and I may attempt a sketch in your card. Or, I noticed you like Yu-gi-oh!...favorite character? ^__~!
Squee~♥ I looove mail! :3

::Points to icon:: These two! Malik/Ryou. Malik is my favorite character and these two will always be my OTP when it comes to shounen-ai! :3 They've been my favorite for, hmm, about 7-8 years now. XD
Oh gosh, my favorite shounen-ai pairing of all! There are just so many to choose from!! *thinks* I may have to go with one of my first, Yohji x Ken from the anime 'Weiss Kreuz'. Treize x Zechs & Duo and Heero & Trowa x Quatre are also up there from Gundam Wing. *stops self before she blathers on and on*
could you please email me your address at janeknox01@hotmail.com with chai/wishlist as the subject?
Sending you a card :)

Are there any particular shonen-ai pairings that you like? I don't have any manga to spare, but I'd love to write you some drabbles.
Thank you so much! ^__^

I love all sorts of shonen-ai pairings and I love to discover new ones, so if you have some that are your favorites, feel free to write some holiday themed ones. ^__^!!!