my wishlist.

Hi everyone! I'm Erin, I am 20 and I am currently living in Kentucky. :(
Anyway, here is my wishlist:

1. LJ Friends! - I want this more than anything! I try to keep my journal interesting and I post lots of pics.

2. Postcards from other countries - I worked at an International Student office this summer so my apartment is littered with little trinkets they gave me. I would love to keep my international decorating up with some postcards from foreign countries!

3. Coins from other countries - I have been to Ireland and England many times, so I have plenty of euros and pounds, but the only other 2 coins I have are one from Lebanon and one from Japan. I started collecting years ago and if you could help me grow my collection I would be really happy!

4. Cool rocks - I know, I am a loser, but I love collecting rocks and I have a huge rock collection. Everytime I visit somewhere special, I take a rock. I also collect crystals, geodes, rocks with crystals, minerals, anything. I just love them!

5. Your artwork, drawings, anything handmade - It would be very cool to get some hand-made cards or postcards in the mail! I love hedgehogs also, and I have one, so if anyone would like to draw my hedgehog, let me know and I will send you a picture of him. But really, I just love hand-crafted items and I would be honored to own anyone's artwork.

That's all! Just send me a personal message or email me at for my contact info. :)
Have a great holiday season, and I will try to fufill as many wishes as I can in return!
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I would be happy to add you if you'll have me. I've been meaning to branch out and make a few new friends. I have a pretty sizable flist, but I don't add people that frequently, and I do tend to comment fairly regularly.
Check out my interests on my user info page and if you think we would get a long drop me an add :-)

Also can you send me an email with your postal address and I will send you a few Australian coins? Just remember to remind me what I promised you because Im off granting a few wishes and don't want to get muddled up and send the wrong thing to the wrong people.
Aw, you have an assistance dog! NAMED LUIGI?!? We definitely will get along! I'll add you! If you don't mind me asking, what do you have him for? I have considered getting an assistance dog as well....

Australian coins would awesome! I'll email you right away.
Yep, He is a 5kg Italian Greyhound who is my Medical Alert and Response Assistance Dog - You can read more about him on his webpage -

I have friended you. :)
If you're interested, I could send you some coins from around Asia :] Let me know!
That would be awesome! Shoot me an email at and I will send you my address. :)
Thank you so much, this means a lot!
An e-mail has been sent :] and you're welcome. Glad I could help with a wish!
Hi! I'd love to try out being your LJ friend! I'm going to add you, so just add me back :)

Also, I'd love to send you a card! Drop me an email at juliedmc @ with your address!
i added you. if i depress you feel free to say so and its ok to defriend me. i try to stay upbeat but im disabled so its hard. youll also get lots of pics of my furry kids the guinea pigs and my daughter.
i talk about being an abuse survivor under lj cuts. hope that doesnt bother you either. other than that im a stay at home mom and half time student.
if we dont sound like a match thats ok too. im a pretty good commenter though.
oh and id like to send you a card. pm me your address or email it to janeknox01 at
I have a debilitating mental illness as well. I think we would be perfect friends! I added you. I LOVE guinea pigs and I LOVE little girls! I have a hedgehog of my own! Hahaha.
I will email you in a sec.