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I love this idea and hope I can help others. This is my first-time doing this, but it's a great invention! For me, I'm afraid this will be tough, because this year I really only have big wishes.

1. My sister is out of work. I wish for her to find freelance graphic design work in the Chicago area or work that can be done from a distance anywhere. If anyone knows of any companies/individuals looking for graphic designers, please let me know.

2. Advice on how to deal with my professors. I have 2 professors and they are in-fighting and it's all political. One says my proposal is ready, the other is stonewalling and telling me one of my chapters has to be revised, but is truly avoiding giving me any concrete guidance. She basically wants me to revise, submit it, and then she'll tell me if she likes it. It's truly frustrating to have to do all this revision without guidance, and without any guarantee that the revisions will meet her ephemeral standards.

3. I am also looking for a job, especially in development work in general, and specifically in education (and human rights education). Any job, really, and anywhere, that pays enough money to pay my bills, survive, save a wee bit and do some good in this world. I have a contract through December at UNESCO, but it's unclear whether they will renew it, and, anyway, it's mainly editorial work; whereas I would really rather work on HRE projects. If, of course, UNESCO renews my contract, then I need wish #4.

4. Help finding a studio apartment anywhere in Paris for less than 400Euros/month. I have tried most of the internet websites, but still haven't managed to find anything for that cheap that's willing to rent for 4 months or less (as I have no idea if my contract will be renewed). Or if you know of a spare bedroom in an apartment that is being rented for very cheap, this would also be great!

5. Tom Bihn Swift Knitting bag. No way I can afford it, but I lust. My favorite is the plum/black version. Maybe there's a secondhand one somewhere?

6. Clover KnitMate Knitting Accessory Set. Drooling.

I am currently in Paris, but will be home in Chicago for Christmas for a month, so my tags below may look strange but they're accurate! :)

Please comment if you'd like my address.
departmental politics, ick! Is there any way to have the problem prof removed from your committee? If they are going to use you as a pawn (and they are), best to stay far away from them.
it's a little difficult for a few reasons:
1. I dont want to ruin the relationship with her since she has been good to me in the past
2. theres no guarantee that her replacement wouldnt make me re-write the whole thing to her specifications. That's what i am really scared of.
I hear ya. Ok, assuming that this is not something that can be resolved by directly speaking to the professor in question, is there someone else who you can speak to who will make the professor listen? Is there a counselor who might help? Have other graduate students had this problem with this professor, and what did they do?

I'm currently trying to get my committee (of 3) to commit to a meeting time - herding cats.