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This is my second year here, and I am 30. I live at home with a few cats and my sister. I'm unemployed this year, but I'm going to have a lot of fun trying to grant the wishes that I can grant. It's been a tough year, between more deaths in the family and lots of health issues, but we'll pull through. We always do.

This community is such a great idea.

Aaaaanyway. My list.
  1. Books are always nice. Anything kitschy or horror is fun. I'm a big fan of Stephen King and James Lileks. Dave Barry too, or that guy who writes the Lake Wobegon books/radio show.
  2. Local Food or Candy. Like, if your city of country has an interesting type of candy or other type of interesting or fun food item. Such as Smarties in Canada and the UK or Japanese food drops. Something like that.
  3. Fandomy stuff: Anything from Terminator or Lost or Chuck. Fanfic, dvds, icons, posters, whatever. I'm a big fan of those shows/movies.
  4. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist, used is just fine.
  5. A new virgin mobile phone
  6. A Pullip Mini. I used to collect dolls like these, and my mom sold mine a long time ago.
  7. Anything from Lush or BPAL. I've never had anything from either place, and I'm curious.
  8. Gift cards. Money is tight, and that would help a lot. Target, Meijer, or even some place cute.
  9. Any kind of nice camera. A hand-me-down camera would be fine. A digital camera would be neat, but I'm sure not really possible. I love taking photos, but my good camera as stolen a few years back and I am now a bit out of practice.
  10. Likely Not Gonna Happen: An Ipod

You can reach me by email at atomiclemon@live.com for my address, if you need it. Happy holidays!!

Edited to fix email address, which is at live not hotmail.
I've got several virgin mobile phones around the house from when I was with them. They still work, although they're not new by any stretch of the imagination. I guess I'm asking does it have to be new, or are you stuck with *none* because yours died and you need a phone? One of mine is a black SuperSlice- it's an awesome phone, I just switched to a joint Verizon plan with my husband and don't need it anymore.
It doesn't have to be new, no. My phone completely died, so I just need a replacement. <3
9. Can I ask, what kind of camera were you looking for -- an SLR, or just a point-and-shoot?
Either/or, really. The ones I don't have anymore from the bag that got stolen were a Colorsplash point and shoot and a Canon.
I held onto my old 35mm camera when I upgraded to digital, thinking that it would be handy to have "just in case" (in case of what?) and of course, I've never needed it. It's a Samsung Maxima 140 S that I would be glad to send if you can use it. There are some scratches and wear on it and as I remember, the most annoying thing about it was the amount of shutter lag. It seemed like I'd have my finger on the button forever before the picture actually took.