Joy To The World.....

Hello community: This is what Christmas means to me "Christmas means laughing and spending time with your family and friends but most important of all is celebrating the birth of Christ."...

I would like to share with you my Holiday Wish list
(1)An online Baby shower here on LJ Anything for the dearest baby Girl twins Kasia and kaylen (one week old)would love anything pink, yellow and white.

(2) A small winter care package.such as Things that make you feel cozy: wearables, edibles, a good book/movie, giant mugs.... tiny fireplaces . Winter is my favorite season, I dream for it to come all year long

(3) I love tea. Tea keeps me going. Any tea - black, green, white, fruit or herb
(4) Candy / Treats / Chocolates: I would love to try candy, chocolates, snacks, even sauces from all over the world (even other places in the US candy, chocolate, pasta, sauces, olives, you name it! I would love to try it.

(5)cool stuff from people from other countries

(6) WalMart Gift Cards - Anything that would help make a holiday meal for my family, and help out with some groceries, or gifts for the boys...

(7) Photos/Prints of Photos that you've taken, or that you love.Christmas/Holiday cards and postcards. These add to the festive decorations in our home

(8) Wacky toothbrushes for the kids. You can never have too many of them

(9) koolaide soft drink mixes.We love em...

(10)Take the time to pray
id like to send tea and a photo and holiday card. please place those as a subject line and email me your address to
id like to send tea and a photo and holiday card
I want thank you for being my wish hero. Here is my Address 4415 Hickory street, Inkster,MI 48141 Please address to Ray Family
Thank you x_xj I would love some pictures I PM you my addy Wow That's very sweet of you Hope to see them soon Rochella.
Thank you for the card you sent me; I'll be sending something out to you :)
To vayshedruvon
your so welcome,Thank you for the picture of sergeant pepper he is beautiful, as we sit here enjoying this cup of hot chocolate please join us... we send our best wishes to you and your family for a joyous New Year and a Happy Merry Christmas.sincerely Rochella