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Hi my name is Ty and this is a wonderful idea.

My wishlist is rather short and sweet, here we go:

Of course there’s the obvious link to the wish list to Amazon

Good vibes to land the job I’m interviewing for shortly!

Airmiles – I used to have a decent paying job that allowed me the joy of visiting my BF in the UK more than just once a year. We’ve been together 2+ yrs, longer if I really think about it. I’m not asking for people to buy me miles, but if you know of any really good plans (like survey sites linked to an airline that doles out miles or any promotions) that would be good. Killer sites would also help.

Cash donations to charity – doesn’t matter which one and it doesn’t matter how much.

Time donations to charity – I know times are tough with people having lost their jobs or having taken a pay cut but donating your time is almost as valuable.

6. My pipedream would be to be with my boyfriend for the holidays

I do mypoints.com surveys for airmiles. I know they are affiliated with airtran and maybe delta? There's also erewards.com, but they aren't as user friendly. Hope this helps!