happy holidays!

Hey guys. This is my first time writing down my wishlist, I've been a lurker for a while but finally decided to join in the fun :)
I'm a 19 year old hairdresser/Graphic design student (I know right, weird combination) from Belgium.

This is my wish list:

1. Christmas/postcards. I've been collecting them for over 4 years now. I love the one's from other countries :)

2. Anything London/New York/Paris. I'm obsessed with these cities! Hoping to visit NYC soon and go farther than the airport. lol.

3. Anything Jonas Brothers. Lol, this is probably the one I'll be looking forward on recieving from the most. I'm a huge fan and ANYTHING is okay. From a magazine cutout, to a picture, book, keychain, cd. =)

4. A Penpal. I'm looking for someone to write to. I use to do this when I was younger and it was SO much fun. I've lost track of my older penpals so I would love to get to know some new ones. And I mean old school, with pen and paper, no email :)

5. Chick flicks. I'm a huge sucker for these kind of movies.

6. Perfume samples. The free ones you get with your purchase.

7. Magnets. I collect the ones from other countries. All of them go on my fridge!

8. Gloves for the cold winter. I never seem to find a cute pair I like!

9. Joe/Nick/Kevin Jonas. I'd prefer these giftwrapped under my christmas tree as a suprise.

You can contact me here: joykuh01@hotmail.com
Thanks for reading and happy holidays to all!


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PM me your address to send to, and remind me that you collect Magnets for the fridge, and I will send you a magnet from my state here in the US. :) (Washington)
I'll make you a desktop wallpaper of the Jonas Brothers if you'd like one. I just need to know what size you'd like it and if there are any favorite photos you'd like used.
I'd like to send you a Christmas card! Look out for an email from me ;)
I love your #10 and I second that xDDD

'cept I'd just like Joe, thnx :x

♥ Adding you to my wishlist mems I'll get back to you :3
Haha lol! Well I'd prefer Kevin. I think. It changes a lot. Like when I see Joe do something adorbale I just melt and I go back to being a Joe girl.
Haha xD
Do you have a wishlist?
I'm waiting for it to be approved! :3

But lol. I agree. You watch the show, I assume? :3

I also DID NOT KNOW Kevin was the oldest. I thought he was the middle of the three.

Also wish Frankie was MY lil brother XD!
Make sure to mail me the link when it gets approved and I'll make sure to see if there's anything I can do for you!

Ofcourse I watch the show! (Although my dad makes fun of me, being a 19 year old who watches Disney Channel) But like, whatever xD Kevin is freaking hilarious in the show! He's a genious.

Frank the Tank is awesome. I wish my little brother was as awesome as him! Lol.

Pfft I'm a 21 yr old and that's almost all I watch XD

And yes, Kevin is, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's episode because that looks crazy funny.

Don't you just wanna pick him up and squish him!?

And I'll link you when I get it :3
Lol same here. I always pretend to be not watchign whenever my parents are in the room but I can't help it. lol!

What episode is it? I've seen the episodes before on youtube because we didn't have Disney Channel untill up a month ago.. (I freaked out in the beginning cause seeing JB on tv here is like super rare.)

Oh yes. Kevin is so squishable, I love him. But Joe is pretty funny too. He's so hilarious. And Nick is hilarious in his own, serious way. his comments make me lmao a lot. xD
Half the time I don't pay attention since it's rerunds all day, but if I don't have a movie playing, then it's the DC :3

It's a new episode. Kevin dances with a Scandanavian student XD it looks fun.

It's like, one of the JBs needs to have Joker makeup and go "Nick, y so srs?" That would be AWESOME.

I follow them on Twitter, and Nick's new twitter. I follow a bunch of the disney stars :x at least the ones I could find.
Oh that episode is hilarious. AND KEVIN SINGS!! That alone makes the episode amazing.

Lol I so can imagine the joker face to Nick.

Twitter is like, amazing. I love all of Nicks tweets. (I have a lot of the DC stars on there too (:0 Disney is my guilty pleasure.)
I would love to be your penpal! I've always wanted (never had) one. Should I send you an email with my addy?
id love to be your pen pal :) email me @ faithe16@hotmail.com for my address :)
Oh wow, that would be so great! Thank you. A keychain/magnet or something small like that is more than enough, by the way. It would make me more than happy :)

And you don't have to send me something you just bought today! Lol, only things that you can miss.

No rush, btw :) I can wait ^^

And I am so jealous you're going to the USA again. You have no idea, lol!
My parents keep talking about a NYC citytrip so it MIGHT be happening. But then again, we were supposed to go christmas shopping in London this week and my mom called it off the last minute. So I don't know anything.

Know you are incredibly lucky to have the chance to visit so many wonderful places :)