Wish list

Hi everyone! I'm a 33 year old woman living in Massachusetts. It's been a very hard year, but I've been reunited with some long-lost friends and found out just how strong my ties to my mom and brothers are. This is my second year on this list, and I am looking forward to granting some wishes. Some of my wishes are for me, and some are for others.

1. Infant boy clothes
for a young mother who is expecting her first child next month.

2. Super Nintendo games for my 7-year old daughter. (Please, no really violent games.)

3. Yarn! I crochet a *lot*. Not fussy about color or type

4. Gift cards for Wal-Mart or Target

5. Make a donation of money, time or goods to a grass-roots or community-based organization in your area.

6. It's been said here a LOT this season, but I have to ask too: Please be nice to store employees, wait staff, call center folks, delivery persons and receptionists. This is a really hard time of year for folks in service industries, and I can tell you from personal experience that a thank you and a smile go a long way.

7. Tea! I'd love to broaden my tea horizons.

8. Candy! I have a serious sweet tooth and would love to sample a treat from *YOUR* area :-) (I have no food allergies)

9. Embroidery floss. I also cross-stitch :-)

10. Holiday cards! I love getting cards, and will send one back if you include your address

Please email me at tafresina at gmail dot com or send a private message for my address. Thank you!!!
Question: How do you feel about half-done cross-stitch projects? I just don't have the time anymore and I have some new and unfinished projects that are just languishing away. Some of them contain the floss, others are just the pattern...but I just don't know what to do with them and I hate to just throw them out.

Would you be interested in them? Whether you just finish them and give them away as gifts or keep them for your own decor, I just want to give them to someone who will actually complete them.

If you want them PM me with a shipping address and I will get them rounded up and sent over to you as soon as I can.
I can send you a card?

Please e-mail me your address to mypetconcubine@yahoo.com

Subject: Holiday wishes
Please place in e-mail your wish list link, address, username and what I am sending you. This will make things easier for me.