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Hi. This is my third year here, Twenty-for years of age, a struggling writer. Due to a lot of family upheaval, last Christmas there were no presents to be had. This year I have spent all of my Christmas fund trying to make that holiday up for others in my family.

1. Hairbands- I had the genius idea to give myself bangs, and cut them so close to the hairline I look like an institutional escapee who got into the sharp things, I need something to push my bangs back until they grow.

2. Any products you have to tame thick hair - My hair is criminally thick and wavy, and styling it is pretty much a useless chore. It does what it wants. My friends tell me that I ought to keep trying products until I find what works for me, but I can't afford to buy something that I won't use/ that won't work. If you have anything you've tried and haven't used all of that you'd like to be rid of, please consider sending it my way.

3. FRIENDS Best-of DVDs- They don't sell these in stores anymore, but they're essentially the best episodes of every season. If you have them and are tired of them, watching FRIENDS is a tradition I have with my family.

4. Eyeshadow - I'm very, very into makeup. Once again, if you have anything you've tried that just doesn't work for you that you're ready to be rid of, please consider sending it my way.

5. Netflix Recommendations - I'll watch anything. My favorite films are Brick, Momento, Cruel Intentions Fight Club, Knocked Up, and Clueless. I'm pretty much all over the map. TV shows I'm into include Six Feet Under, House, and Scrubs. Tell me what you like.

6. To get rid of old things/Wishes to grant - i have a lot of contemporary fiction, small/medium clothes, etc. that are going to be donated soon. I would rather send them free to good homes. I'll be looking around for things to fulfill. If any of these pique your interest, let me know!

7.If anyone finished NANOWRIMO, I want to read your novels! If you have them posted in a journal somewhere, I'd love to read them.

8. Does anyone have a white Christmas or wicker wreath? I just downsized and the color scheme of my house/bedroom is so out of sync with my style. The wreath can be as small as you want.

9. Fake flowers- Any type! Particularly purples, oranges, yellows or reds. But I can work with anything.

10. Any fiction novels- I'll read anything!

For contact info email acandidwit@gmail.com
#5- Netflix... I am a fan of /skeery/ movies, personally, and I can suggest some pretty good ones that you might otherwise have passed up, not expecting it to be as good as it is.

Particularly, some of the japanese horror is amazing (most remember "the ring" of american make? try "ringu", the japanese origional!) ... the asian "shutter" is terrifying. There's a scary but kind of neat drama/thriller from malaysia, called "The dorm", about a little boy and his friend... My advice is to really hunt down the asian versions of horror movies, and be prepared to be scared witless, not by gore, but by their amazing sense of /SKEERY/. :)
My bother is a total scary movie fan, and he shares the account. I'll pass those along, and thanks!
My hair is criminally thick and wavy, and styling it is pretty much a useless chore.

Just a quick bit of advice from a fellow thick and wavy hair gal - I read that people like us should never use shampoo, only wash with conditioners. As long as the conditioners don't have silicon in them, they will clean our hair as well shampoo without making the hair frizzy and out of control. Apparently conditioners are made with some surfactants so that it will rinse out of the hair quickly - which is all you need for clean hair and scalp.

The good thing is that any ol' cheapo conditioner will work - just so long as silicon is not listed in the ingredients.
*nods* curly girl by lorraine massey outlines the whole "method".

(I should really get back into it, but..)
Seconding this. That book turned my hair from thick and frizzy with waves in odd places to lovely loose curls.
Netflix Rec: If you haven't already, you should check out Firefly and Serenity, the tv show was short lived, but it's an amazing Scifi-themed series :3
5. The Specials - damn funny Super Hero movie. Think Spinal Tap with super speed.

Tale of Two Sisters - My husband gave up on this movie because horror movies are not his thing, but the twist on the ending just took my breath away.

Vampire Effect - Vampire comedy with Jackie Chan. One of my favorite quotations last year was from this one "Of course love is blind! Look at my dress!!"

I would loooove to accept some contemporary fiction...books are my number one love in life:)

Also, just want to add that the conditioner method works great. i'm half mexican/ half russian jewish and the owner of some seriously thick wavy hair. I only shampoo my hair once a week, the rest of the time just condition it. It keeps my hair nice and shiny and pretty frizz free. My sister is also fond of a 1/2 conditioner 1/2 olive oil hair treatment once a week. she just slathers it on and puts a cap on for about 30 minutes. I'm all out right now, but bedhead after party is an awesome cream product that helps keep my hair in line. You can usually get small sample size bottle for like $5 at trade secret or a salon.