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Hello there Christmas Elves or other Santa's helpers!

My name is Magda, I'm from Poland, and it's another year I'm participating in this wonderful event. I truly enjoy it because not only in past years it made me smile so many times when I was opening mail box but also because I met few friends through this community :) That's the real Christmas spirit!

My wish list for 2009

1. Bath & Body Works hand gels/creams (any other BBW cosmetics would do too ;) )- any scent would make me happy but my fav one is Coconut Lime Verbana :) I was introduced to those cosmetics by my American friend who used to send me some. But few years ago she moved to Spain and I miss those.

2. Magazines in Spanish - for women, about travel or interior design/decoration. I learn Spanish and think it could help me to read something in this language. I don't mind if they're very old as long as they're in Spanish.

3. Books/magazines/articles about Finland in English or Polish. I'm writing my thesis about Finland and it'd be useful to have some extra resources. I'm writing about how Polish people see Finland as a tourism destination but I also write many basic info about this country so any extra resource would be great.

4. Tea. Loose leaf or bagged, I like: black flavored, white, green, red, rooibos, oolong, chai. I don't like: jasmine, licorice and herbal teas.

5. Finnish Nordqvist "Valkoinen tiikeri" tea. I bought it last January, fell in love and it's almost gone now :(

6. Random act of kindness. It's wonderful feeling when unknown person does something nice for you, isn't it? Try it other way - be nice and/or talk to random people, smile, help. There's nothing better than good vibes between people.

7. Holiday cards. I think everyone like getting them :)

8. Ideas of how I could get to Spain for 5-6 months without spending too much money (except au pair job because I already have this idea in my mind). What I mean are some programs, paid internships, job opportunities (for English, Polish and pre-intermediate Spanish speaker). I'm graduating in July and I'd like to spend few months in Spain to practice language (most likely, till December). I can't spend money on special, fancy language courses or internship for which you first need to pay.

Please leave me your e-mail in comment and I will send you my address OR e-mail me to christmas_magda(at)go2.pl
And one more, important thing. Please, please, please. If you're not sure if you can send me something don't leave comments "I'm sending you x and x". Rather say "I hope to get you something" or just dont' say anything. In past year I was a bit disappointed becuase some people didn't kept their promises :( And I think noone likes waiting for something that will never arrive, right?
Re: #8
Oh yay, thanks a lot for the link! I'm not sure weather I'd like to help on the farm (I could in the house though!) but it's defenitely something I haven't thought about! Thank you very much! :))