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For the past couple of years, I've lurked around this comm, anonymously granting wishes. It's brought me much joy and made a difficult time of year much happier. I've never felt comfortable posting my own list. However this year, due to a variety of circumstances, seems the right time. Anyway, I'm Pherooz, I'm 35 and recently moved to Florida from the northeast. I'm thrilled to be participating this year and my holiday wishes are...

1. Snail mail: pretty much of any kind. I absolutely love receiving things in the mail. Cards, notes, postcards...any would be fantastic! I mean who doesn't love receiving mail? It would seriously put a smile on my face for the day. I love sending cards/notes and would be thrilled to get some back.

2. Fics/Drabbles and/or Art: I would adore something written or drawn for me! My only real fandom is Harry Potter. The main pairings I ship are H/D and Snarry. I'm slowly getting into Glee and anything involving Kurt.

3. Magnets: I collect magnets, have for years. And last year, through really random circumstances, I lost most of my collection. Several friends have generously helped me start to rebuild but I'd love more. I'm annoying picky about this though. I prefer magnets with images/photographs of cities, places or art. Black and white is particularly cool and I like metallic ones as well.

4. Something handmade: I'm seriously not crafty and I have much admiration for those who are. So, anything handmade would be amazingly awesome.

5. New LJ friends!: I'd love to meet new people and share stories/experiences. Whilst I'd love to make some connections in the HP fandom, I also really enjoy meeting people! My LJ is mostly RL with an occasional rec posted so I'd enjoy getting to know people who share some common interests.

6. International Kindle: I know this one is ridiculous and a total pipe dream but I really want the international Kindle. I lovelovelove reading. But I've recently moved and had to leave behind. I was going to start rebuilding my collection but it looks like I'll be moving to Europe next year. I would made great use of the Kindle.

7. Treats: I like me some sweet stuff, especially British candies. I used to live in the UK and i miss the chocolate! I prefer chocolate but really any little bits of sweet treats would be muchly appreciated.

8. Random acts of kindness: Be kind to people. It's a difficult world we live in and we all are dealing with our own problems. However, sometimes a smile and a hello make a world of difference. Hold the door for someone, let someone ahead of you in line, pay the toll for the car behind you...the possibilities are endless.

9. Thank a first responder: My brother is a cop and it constantly amazes me how much grief he and his colleagues get. Yeah, I know there are corrupt cops and the such. But there's also people really committed to the cause and they put their lives on the line every day. Whatever our personal belief, we have to respect that. Let first responders know how much their work is appreciated. It will make their day, I guarantee it.

10. Do something for yourself. So often we get caught up in the rush and stress of the holidays. Take a moment to breathe and remember what this season is about for you.

Please feel free to comment, PM or email me for my address if you need it.
inspiredlife01 (at) gmail (dot) com.
Thanks in advance!
I love meetings new people! It would be a pleasure to get to know you, as long as you don't mind that I'm a huge Red Sox fan. :) Also, my LJ really is pretty much only RL with occasional HP or Glee recs. Just want to give you fair warning.
My best friend is a NYY and Giants fan. We manage alright, possibly because we both have a huge amount of respect for each other's teams. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
Really? I'd love it! I'm really easy-going...love fluff, love angst (though, I prefer my angst to have a happy ending ;D). I'm a bit into kink, if that's your thing but nothing too extreme. The only triggery thing is dub-con/non-con; can't handle that at all. Aside from that I'm good to go! Yay. Thanks so much!!
I would love to send a Christmas card
I would love to send you a Christmas card To brighten your day please email me your Addy and put subject line in email so I remember what to send as i have a lot of wishes to fullfill.sincerely Rochella