help me help you lol

I'm a college student in South Louisiana, graduating next Spring (yay!).

So, this fall there were two conventions I was looking forward to setting up a booth at (Oni-Con and Yule-Con, if you wish to know). I didn't manage to get to either one. So, I didn't get the income I was hoping for.

1. My first wish is for more customers.

Winking Needle
I make fun fleece hats (see icon). My partner makes plush chibis. We both do custom orders. And I'm willing to gift wrap anything if you're wanting to send it as a present, just make sure you email me before ordering!

2. My second wish is for markers.

I love to draw with markers. Sharpies are what I usually end up with, so if you have any assorted sharpie colors I'd love to take them. Black included (that's the one I always forget to get anyways!). If you have spare prisma or copic markers I'd take those too, but just plain old sharpies (any brand) are fine. Wet and Dry erase can also be put to use. I'll try to send back a drawing or button I make with your marker if you send me one!

3. My third wish is for legos.

Any kind of legos. Everyone here loves them. But, if you feel like being quirky, you can send a single 1x4 flat lego (seen here. I can't post publicly WHY (boyfriend would kill me lol) but if you want, you can PM me for the story.

4. My fourth wish is for gum.

Packs of gum. Any flavor and brand. We go through gum here a lot. Especially when aforementioned boyfriend is trying to quit smoking.

5. My last wish is for christmas cards.

Gotta have something to brighten up the holidays around here, since I won't be able to make it home for christmas.

I'd add a 'more LJ/AIM friends' but figure I'll just go through the other lists that have that. But, it still applies here!

Thanks in advance.

Regina "Weasel"
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I think I have a hat maybe you made.
My friend Maggie G. ordered it for me 3-4 years ago when I was very sick to cheer me up.
Here is me wearing it in Iceland

Not my brand, but close! I just love the hats. I get cold so easy lol so I have my own personal collection that I wear almost every day here.
4. I can definitely send you some gum! I bought a few packs for a friend in Germany and decided not to send all of it. The earliest I will get to the post office this week is probably Thursday, so look for it sometime after that.
What you and I live in the same city.

I think I did buy a panda hat from you at Mechacon one year.
It was one of the black and white ones :3

;jlgsdlj but this is so funny I didn't even read the whole list when I mem'ed it for later XD
I love hearing from people that have bought my hats. Got any pictures? I'm trying to put together a gallery on the website but am vastly under-having of the customer-shots lol
E-mail me with your address and the Lego story. I have a couple of 1x4 flats for you. :)