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Hi! My name is Justyna and I come from Poland. I'm 21 and study French Philology. It's my second time doing this. Last year I had lots of fun sending and receiving stuff. I've been going through some hard times and little gifts from holiday_wishes made my Christmas much better.

Here's my list:

1. Scarves, for all kinds of weather. Winters in Poland tend to be cold knitted wool scarves would be greately appreciated but I love all scarves, to tell the truth. Neckerchiefs are welcomed too!

2. Earrings - especially homemade. They are so pretty.

3. Books, shows, movies recommendations. I love fantasy, but I'd like to expand my horizons. Or actual books and dvds, if you wish.

4. Christmas cards, or cards from you city. I love to receive them! Who doesn't?

5. Tea. Big tea enthusiast here!

6. Chocolate and sweets from your country. Like for example, green tea Kit Kat, I've been dying to know how it tastes since I've frist heard about it.

7. Lucky Charms. The cereal, that's right. I couldn't find it in Poland anywhere.

8. A mix CD (or .zip) with your favourite songs.

9. Posters for the walls of my room. I rent a room in the city where I study. The walls are beige.

Please email me at jjdk@wp.pl or send a private message for my address. Thank you!

Happy holiday! :)
Actually couldn't seem to get it to email, so am sending it through sendspace. Some of my fav songs, hope you enjoy! x
Got your zip. Thank you so much! I love it :)
There are a few bands I've never heard about like Zombina & the Skeletones for example and some I love dearly like The Beach Boys.
I love discovering new music :D
Thanks once again!
I would love to send a Christmas card
I would like to send you a Christmas Card To brighten up your Day Please email your addy and add in your subject line to help me remember what to send as i have lots of wishes to fulfill sincerely Rochella
Keep an eye on your email. I'll be sending a .zip file of mp3s sometime in the next couple days, from amethystfirefly at gmail dot com. ^^