My Holiday Wishlist!

Hi, everyone!

My name is Julie Wurm and I live in Massachusetts. I work for the Humane Society and Shelter South Coast in the next town over. I'm trying to find work in a nearby zoo, but until then I am looking to go back to school for more experience in a zoo setting.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and gets exactly what they wanted. I'm a bit short on cash this year due to student loans, car loans, credit cards, etc but I'll try to fulfill as many wishes as financially feasible!

Here's my list:
  1. Please help me go back to school for zookeeping by donating to my college fund: The school I am interested in is in Gainesville, FL and I will have to pay for an apt while I'm down there since they do not offer on campus housing.
  2. Holiday Wishes via snailmail: I love getting mail, but most of what I get is bills and credit card offers. I'd love to get some holiday cards from overseas!
  3. Pins: I collect pins from everywhere I visit - zoos, concerts, museums, etc. I prefer the round 1.5" pins but any pin would be great
  4. Remember your mail carrier: Please think of whomever delivers your mail this holiday season. These people rarely get days off, they work through all types of horrible weather conditions, and most of them do it with a smile on their face. If you see them, thank them for a job well done (and try not to complain about all the bills they bring you - it's not their fault).
  5. Donate to your local animal rescue group: blankets, towels, treats, toys, food, cleaning supplies, office supplies. These organizations rely solely on the kindness of others. Keep homeless animals off the streets this winter by helping out the shelters.
  6. Knitting notions and other craft items: Got scraps of yarn, buttons, needles, etc? I'm sure I can find some sort of crafty way to put them to good use!
  7. Surprises: Check out my Wishlist for ideas!
  8. Have A Safe
  9. And Happy
  10. Holiday Season!
My mailing address is:
78 Hawthorn St
New Bedford, MA 02740
I'll surprise you with something. ;^)
Do you also have a last name?

Take care.
yep, I forgot to add it to my entry, but I've fixed it now. It's Wurm! Do you have a wishlist?
I have the most awesome postie ever, he's the bestest: he found out when I'd be home from work and altered his route so I'd be in for him! Isn't that lovely?