Happy Holidays

Alright, here it goes....

Hello everyone! My name is Catherine, and I'm 21 years old. I live in the United States, and I'd like to post my own wishlist. My email is surrealsetup@yahoo.com, and here is what I wish for:

1. Paid Livejournal time- I don't care if it's a few months or a year, I'm happy with anything ♥ semiblonde with 3 i's haha.

2. Paid Deviantart time- My Deviantart account is here.

3. Fanart of one of my OC's Ameko - She's very shy, and enjoys being outdoors. She's not very strong, and tends to fall down a lot. She has an older brother named Tetsu.

4. Fanart of these gals - These are my and my friend's Yuu Yuu Hakusho Fan characters. I'd kill for more team pictures with them! (Teh multi-colored braided catgirl is actually an old old OC of mine that I never did anything with) The team with another of my friend's FC's on place of the braided catgirl. (this one my friend made)

5. Fanart of Aishiko - I never actually asked for fanart of her before, but I'm in the mood for fantasy works :0 I'd love that.

6. Fanfiction - My fandom interests are in my profile, but I'd be sooo soo o happy for fanfiction from Spiral

7. Fanart of my favorite Gaia Avi here. Not much to say other than my Gaia handle is MrsKheel.

8. The Holiday Cardinal on Gaiaonline. You can have the Cash, I just want the birdie :]

9. Spiral pencil board

10. Spiral Art Book
- My only really big big wish. I'd cry.

I'm gonna be browsing through the wishlists, and may very well end up being a bit late granting wishes, but if you'd like me to check out your wishlist (especially if you want art/graphics/letters) Link me ♥