Happy Holidays!

Hello all! This is my first time posting on a community like this and I'm very excited! I'm a 20-yr old student (well will be soon, I start next year) in Pennsylvania for computer tech stuff :)

1. Paid time on LJ. Username angiechan070707

2. Lucky star paper. It's the long thin strips of origami paper, not the little square you use to make cranes. There is a ton on ebay, or etsy. Any kind is okay :)

3. Premium account on dA, username angie-chan070707

4. Video ipod, the largest GB you can get if possible XD

5. Christmas/holiday cards. I just love getting stuff in the mail!

6. Fanart of my BJD crew. You can see pictures of them at my deviantart: [link] Even better if I can have it to put up on my wall ;)

7. Lots of different colors of sculpey clay

8. Anything Hello Kitty related (bonus if it's foreign stuff!)

9. Foreign money (coins or bills). I collect it. It can be from anywhere, or if you have really really old US coins I love those too!

10. 4GB or 8GB SD card for my camera

Laura Partridge
4 Hoover Dr., Apt. 104
Ephrata, PA 17522
Holiday Wishes
I have a coin from Spain that I will send you. Look for it in the mail! =]
I am sending a card from Hawaii your way today.

I love your icon

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I can send you something Hello Kitty, though it may get to you a little late depending on when I get the money to go to the post office.
You have some Australian coins coming in your direction. :-) They will not arrive before Dec 25th though.