Wish List

Hello, my name is Amy and I was having trouble getting into the spirit of the holidays. The rear brakes in our car went out last weekend and took all of the set-aside present money and most of our rent for the fixing thereof. So, I had been feeling very glum about not having presents for my friends, family, and beloved husband. That being said, I am enjoying looking through the lists for things I may have that someone else could enjoy. :) I am also making as many holiday presents for my loved ones as I can. I have some baked goods planned as well as several craft projects already begun, which has been helping with my holiday spirit. Things have a way of working out. :)

1) Pay closer attention to the service you receive and try to make it a point to compliment excellent service. This time of year is crazy for people in the customer service industry and a little bit of positive feedback goes a long way.

2) Any books you have that you aren't interested in keeping. I read almost anything and my hubby reads what I don't. We'd love to add something to our library.

3) Richardson's Gourmet Mints - the after dinner style mints in pink, orange, yellow, blue. I can't find them anywhere around my home and haven't been able to justify ordering them from the company. These are my absolute favorite mints in the world.

4) Anything from Black Phoenix alchemy lab, used or unused. I absolutely love their scents and can never afford one for myself. The muskier/spicer the scent, the better!

5) Greetings from you - a note, a postcard, a holiday card. Seeing mail (that isn't junk or bills) always gives me a warm fuzzy.

6) Hair sticks or forks, large barettes, hair toys, etc. I have waist-length red hair and I enjoy trying new styles or hair ornaments. I would like to start a collection someday.

7) Anything that smells like the Yankee Candle Midsummer Night (the black candle). That is one of my most preferred scents and I love having it around.

8) Teas, any kind. I am a die-hard tea drinker and enjoy trying new tastes and varities.

9) Candles, new or used, any scent. I like to have candles lit, especially in the wintertime. Warmth and ambiance all in one!

10) Spread a little humand kindness this season. Make the world a better place in a small way. :)

For contact information, please email skittykitty at gmail dot com. Thank you and have a happy holiday!
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I would love to send a Christmas card
I would like to send you a Christmas Card To brighten up your Day Please email your addy and add in your subject line to help me remember what to send as i have lots of wishes to fulfill sincerely Rochella
I have a several books I have either read or have no intention on reading and don't want to keep. I can email you the list of the books and if you want any I would gladly send them to you. Just let me know. Message me via LJ if you're interested!
I can send you something! Send me your address if you can to gloworm6 AT gmail... :)