Hi, my name's Kirsten and I've been doing this ever since the first year (when son and I had a lovely day out with a lady I didn't know very well, but who wished for museum-companions). Here's my list this year.

1. My biggest wish is for the book "Jane de Lacey and the Voices in the Tower" by Adam Pepper, ISBN
0955385709 It's set in a place I love, but can't go anymore, which is why I want it. I missed out on getting it while it was in print, as it came with a doll and I couldn't justify the price. Now I have the doll, but not the book. Please help!

2. Webkinz stuff. While I can get the toys here, anything like charms, trading cards, figurines etc are really expensive and difficult to find. My username is armadamum if you also play and want to find me there.

3. Jokes. I put a joke in my son's lunchbox, and it's difficult finding new ones for him.

4. Snacks from other countries. I'm love to try new snacks. I have no allergies, so everything's lovely :) Oh, except I don't like mint.

5. Books in Norwegian. My efforts to learn Norwegian have stalled somewhat over the last year. I'd particularly like children's books and a recipe book.

6. Any of the American Girl recipe books except Kirsten's, which I already have.

7. Gilmore Girls DVDs Any of them, I don't have any!

8. Any Gilmore Girls merchandise, especially this t-shirt, size large/16.

9. Interesting packs of playing cards with maybe touristy pictures from where you live or adverts, or any cute pictures/themes, really.

10 My amazon wishlist I've never posted my amazon list before, but this year I've been buying off other peoples so it made sense to include my own. Used is lovely, thanks.

As usual, second-hand is good!

Email me at ghoti@livejournal.com if you need my address, or pm me.

Wishing everyone a happy & healthy chanukah, Christmas, yule or whatever you celebrate, and fun with Holiday_wishes :) And thankyou in advance
I love your username. Fish~! And I have a few jokes for you:

Q. What is the most expensive dog?
A. A Golden Retriever!

Q. What kind of dog needs an air conditioner?
A. A hot dog!

Q. Why does Tigger bounce around on his tail?
A. 'Cause he doesn't want to step in Pooh.

Q. Why did Capt. Hook cross the road?
A. To go to the second hand store~!

Q. What kind of mistakes does an undertaker make?
A. Grave ones!