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Hi! Happy holidays to you all :D My name is Hannah, I'm 21 years old and I live in England. This is my first year doing a wishlist, and I have to say what a wonderful idea I think this community is. I will try my utmost to fulfill as many wishes as I can. My wishes are:

1. Anything One Piece related - it's my main fandom, and whether it's fanfiction, fanart, icons or unwanted goodies, I'd love any One Piece shinies you can send my way.

2. Something American - I'm in my second year of an American Studies degree, and from August I am going to live in Vermont for a year as part of my course. Maybe something like a postcard or a leaflet or stamps - anything that can show me a piece of America as I am really excited to be moving there (:

3. Cards - I love getting them, and I love sending them.

4. Anything Transformers related - as with One Piece, I'd love Transformers fanfiction / fanart / icons / goodies etc. I'm a huge fangirl of Starscream <3

5. A mix CD or mp3s - there's something so personal about this that it's wonderful to receive (:

Thank you so much in advance

My contact details:

Hannah Gorton
14 Ollerton Road
Newark, Nottinghamshire
NG22 0LF
I'm so excited that you're an American Studies major! I'm a third year student in the same major and had no idea that my major really existed outside America itself (is that naiive of me? probably, considering we can also study things like Africana studies here, and here is obviously not Africa.) Now I'm all curious about what the program is like outside of the country. What's your email? I'll see what I can do about sending you some music and "something American." :D
Quite a lot of universities offer American Studies in the UK - the first year was a general overview of history and literature, and this year we've got to study specific modules. I'm currently taking modules in American Music, American Drama 1945-1970 and Native Americans.

My email is howlinmad88@gmail.com, thank you so much :)
i think i can manage 2 and 5.
my husband is going for a canadian/american studies degree and people always wonder why since we live in washington and its so close to the canadian border. but he loves it.
People always wonder why I'm taking American Studies, too, instead of a standard literature or history course that would focus more on British culture. I love my course, too C:
Writing you a card now.

I can add a cd to it eventually as well...I'm having computer dramas at the moment which are nearly fixed, but will probably continue until after Christmas.
I'd like to make you a mix :] Can you listen to online mixes? or do you prefer a zip? I'm unable to send any physical CD since my burner isn't working...
Let me know! and let me know what kind of music you like and don't like :]
Email me at:
this-is-my-e-mail-address AT hotmail DOT
with the subject line: Holiday Wishes 09 - twilightswing - mix CD
Send me an email letting me know what sort of music you like, and I'll try to send some mp3s :)

stripeykitty AT yahoo DOT CO DOT UK

Greetings from Vermont!
I can send you a postcard! If I may ask, where in Vermont will you be?
Re: Greetings from Vermont!
Thanks! I'll be at Middlebury College (:

Also, your icon is awesome :D Now I want to go and watch Back to the Future when I should be writing essays!
I'm gonna bookmark this and send you a card, and hopefully a CD if I can find my blank discs!
What's your email? I can't afford stamps, but I can definitely send a .zip file of mp3s, if you want. :)