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hello everyone, i dont really know what to write here. im katherine, 24, married, with 3 adorable pet rats( loreli, rory, and elinore), and a cat named jack. i loved doing this last year and was excited to remember about it again this year. i hope everyone's having fun like me.

1. anything rat related. we have three rats and we love them so much and ive wanted to collect rat toys or books or anything with rats, especially drawings/cartoons. but its really hard to find them and i figured over halloween it would be easier but i only found a few. so anything really although i would really like positive imagery, not just scary evil rats because i love mine.

2. its probably a long shot but MAC cosmetic empties. any product you have from mac that's just the empty container i would love, you can trade 6 of them in for a lipstick or eyeshadow so even just one would get me closer to a free product.

3. Treats for my rats. there are 3 girls, they love yogies or any treats really. they also love boxes and things to chew.

4. gift cards any gift cards you have for any store, any amount of money, even if its just a $1, or less. if there are any just sitting around that you havnt gotten around to use or finish i would love any extra help to buy stuff.

5. muppet christmas carol or muppet treasure island dvd. i love these movies but can never find them in stores.

6. carrs ginger lemon cookies. i can only find them occasionally at grocery outlet and not at regular stores.

7. doctor who on dvd. the newer versions are really hard to find here in the us. we liked the 9th doctor until we saw how wonderful the 10th doctor was, especially the last season with donna.

8. thin ties for my husband. he has been wanting to try to wear ties but they are really expensive and he really likes the look of thin ties so if you have any used you dont want or anything you dont like anymore he would love them.

9. martha stewart stuff ive been crafting, or attempting to craft and i love her stuff. any books, or recipes or crafting stuff you dont want, i would love.

thats all i can think of, thanks up front to anyone and everyone who look at this or grant my wishes. i know this year will be hard for a lot of people, myself included, so its really great to have a place like this to help us all out.

katherine oak-schiller
6839 s i st
tacoma, wa
I LOVE carrs lemon ginger cookies too!

Sometimes my grocery store has them, I will check for you.
they really are the best cookies, especially with tea. man, i could eat way to many.