Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hello everyone! This will be my first year participating here. A good friend of mine shared this community with me and I am really excited to start granting some wishes! Iv already got a few bookmarked already! :3 I thought I may as well join in as well. :3 My name is Christina, I’m 24 years old and I live in Rocklin, CA with my family and our lot of cats. (All adopted babies from various places.). My list is fairly short since I like giving more than anything as it's a wonderful feeling bringing someone joy. :3

1. Pen Pals: I would love some people to write to the snail mail way! I really enjoy writing letters and even sending a fun little thing or two in the mail.

2. Please be kind to retail workers this holiday season, let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. I work in retail myself and it’s hard only getting to hear the negative basically 90 percent of the time. Even just a little extra thank you will brighten any retail-workers day.

3. Anything off the old Amazon WishList. Please ignore a lot of the higher priced stuff.

4. Art work: I would absolutely love some artwork that I can hang on my wall in my room. It can be anything that you want or feel like drawing or creating in the moment. :3

5. Snowflakes: My mom loves snowflakes, but it’s really difficult to find some especially in bracelet format or otherwise. So pretty much any way shape or form is appreciated.

6. If you are able please donate to your local animal shelter. They always need a little extra help during the holidays and beyond.

7. Kitty Toys: My cats are ridiculous with their toys they go through them like crazy, so any sort of kitty toy would be greatly appreciated.

8. Have a wonderful time with your friends and family! There is nothing better than close family and friends being around for the holidays. Make the most of the time you share with the people you love dearly in your lives.

If you need to contact me here is my email: lunarfairy.kitten at gmail dot com. All of you have a wonderful holiday season and may it be blessed! Also stay healthy and happy! :3
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I found something from your Amazon list that I am able to send you.

Could you private message me a shipping address? :)
I think it is! All my friends are having like almost 8 hour delays in receiving any notifs or anything D: would you like me to send you an e-mail instead?
Hey! I may be able to get you the 2nd Dark-Hunters manga when it comes out (a v. late holiday wish!). If you poke me through LJ in March, I'll ask the publisher.
Really? Oh that would be so awesome! I'll definitely poke you in march later on. Thank you so much! :3