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It's finally that time of year again =)

Hey everyone, I'm Amelie-Julie, 20-year-old from Ottawa, and here's my wishlist:

1.Holiday cards. We decorate our house with them during the holiday season, and it's always so fun to get a nice card in the mail!

2. Anything with butterflies, they are my obsession!

3. Jewelry. I LOVE jewelry. Nothing specific, anything jewelry and I'll adore.

4. Queer As Folk stuff. I know, it's been over for years (sadly :P) but I'm still addicted! Anything QaF, store bought or handmade would be great!

5. Lord of the Rings stuff. As with QaF, I'm addicted to LotR. (I'm such a nerd lol)

6. Art supplies. I love to draw, paint, etc. and I'm always looking for more art supplies.

7. Recipes you love. I love to cook, and i'm always looking for new things to whip up.

8. Gift cards from Ikea (I need furniture lol), Chapters (one can never have too many books!), and Starbucks (mmm... coffee)

9. Anything Eddie Izzard. I just love him!

10. And finally, the holiday season is a time for love, so let everyone around you know how much they mean to you. The smallest things can make someone's day =)

I can be contacted through rotcknn_ahren@yahoo.ca

Happy Holidays!
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i can always do a card... i may be able to enclose some of my recipes!

can you please email me at
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com and tell me i said i woudl send a card and maybe recipes? and your address? pls put Holiday Wishhes in the subject line, or my spam filter may eat it!
i can send you a recipe, and a card!!

email me,

let me know your username!