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It's that time again, for giving, asking and wanting pretty sparkly things. Hopefully I make more smiles happen this year than last. After so many beautiful cards last year, and being to finally get into my account again, I came back. So let's get this giving started!

1. Stamps: any denomination for all those pretty cards and letters to be mailed out.

2. Movies: ANY especially horrors, and any that have come out the past 3 years.

3. Surprises! Anything really, can be something you don't want, but didn't want to just toss out.

4. Crafts, any kind, I like to keep hands busy.

5. Harley Quinn stuff. Yes, very into Harley Quinn guess that's why I like porcelain clown dolls.

6. Sign language books. I know a little but trying to learn more to try to get youngest to talk or sign. Or any language, trying to learn to write and speak it to talk to friends in their native tongue.

7. Plastic sheet protectors. I know weird but I clip a lot of recipes and such until I use them and modify then write them out, so they come in handy.

8. Gothic, anything gothic please.

9. Leapster 1 or 2 or both I have two little ones that would love it.

10. The don't hold your breath, nintendo DS.

Took long enough to think of this stuff. So now to see if it will pass. Hope everyone has fun. Bye for now. Send an email through LJ to get address please. Merry Christmas everyone!
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I AM ALL OVER THE PAGE PROTECTORS! I have a ton (for whatever reason) that are just sitting around.

Are you in the U.S. or elsewhere? Sending you a PM...

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