Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

This is actually my first year doing this, so I am excited. I am 17 and in California (USA). I have 3 dogs, a cow, and a little baby heifer. My favourite colour is green and my favourite animal is a manatee. I'm not sure what else I am supposed to put here or what people would like to know, so if you have any questions, PM me or email me (my email is at the end of this post).

So, here we go:

1. Posters, art, anything to decorate my wall. I have the most boring walls in the entire world and I would love if you could send me something to put on them. I've always wanted to cover my walls with fantastic things, but have never got around to finding fantastic things to put on them.

2. Christmas Cards! I love getting cards. Homemade would be amazing, but if you want to send a store bought one, feel free to. If anyone wants one in return, say so because I love making cards.

3. Hair dye. This may sound really weird, but I have always wanted to dye my hair a rainbow of colours. Every time I go on the Manic Panic website I drool a little.

4. Anything off of my Amazon Wishlist. Ignore the random weapons and survival gear. I went through a zombie phase ;).

5. MANATEE ITEMS! You have no idea how hard it is to find things with manatees on them! :((

6. A CD with your favourite songs on it. I love discovering new music!

7. SURPRISE ME! I adore surprises. A box of surprises would just be amazing.

8. Buy me more time for a paid account? ;) I love having a paid account but I just can't afford it and it runs out this month. :((

9. Send other people things too!


Email me at cullenlove101276@gmail.com
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Would you be willing to accept a .zip file of mp3s? I can't afford stamps, but would love to share music with you. :)
Another card maker. Hooray! I'm in the middle of a heap of Christmas card making now...so I'll add you to my list!

If you can give me a couple of weeks, I can send you some more LJ time, too.
Yay! Card! I adore mail of any sort!

;__; That would be amazing of you. My account is running out soon and I just don't have the extra money to add on any more time. You are amazing.
I'm going to need your details though.
Email them to me at katewoolard at hotmail.com