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Hello everyone! My names Heather, I'm 21 and from Kentucky. Here's my wishlist:

1. Paid LJ Time or Userpics, my paid account expires soon :(
2. Holiday Cards, i love receiving these in the mail.
3. Virtual Gifts, more of these would be great! esp. the snowflake cookie that is free. :)
4. Foreign Money, it would be neat to have as i live in USA.
5. Homemade, anything homemade works, food or crafts.
6. Lj Friends, friends are great. ♥
7. Foreign Candy/Food, i would love anything, im not picky.
8. Ornaments, anything for me to put up on my christmas tree.
9. Candles, oh i love candles! any scent.
10. Join my community, if you like blinkies/graphics, you should join my community allthingscute :) i also hold contests+games.

I hope everyone has a Safe & Warm Holiday Season.
Contact: kyssies@gmail.com or you can private message me.

Thank you.