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Yay, hello everyone! I'm Bunny, I'm 24 and I'm from Bristol in the UK. On with my wishes...

1. Help your local animal shelter out. Most places always need food for the animals, or blankets. And donations are amazing. So please, even if you can only afford a tin of dog food - please donate it.

2. Music! I tend to like metal, rock and punk most but I have diverse tastes and will give anything a fair go. MP3s or mix CDs :D

3. Anything from my Amazon wishlist, used is fine! http://www.amazon.co.uk/wishlist/3DUSRXZR50ELT

4. MAC Jest eyeshadow

5. Socks!

6. Hot chocolate, especially white.

7. Perfume samples, I have perfume issues!

8. Cute Sanrio/San-X/Gloomy Bear stuff.


10. Everyone to have a wonderful holiday season after what has been for most (myself included) a terribly awful year.

If you'd like to fulfill any of my wishes and need my address, you can email me at bunnythecarrotslayer(@)hotmail.com ♥