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Hi everybody! My name is Megan, I'm 28 and live in Michigan. I've been posting here since 2006 and I'm very excited to get started on granting wishes, it's so much fun! But before I do, here's my own list:

1. Doujinshi, specifically pertaining to Pokemon. They’re becoming so hard to find, and I love collecting them. Ash/Misty is my absolute favorite!

2. Japanese imported Wii. This is a VERY long shot, but if you have one gathering dust that you haven’t touched in 6 months, or you know somebody that doesn’t need their system, please send it my way! Working condition please. This would make my year!

3. Scrapbooking supplies for my mom. If you don’t know what that entails, I mean like stickers, special scissors, decorative paper, that sort of thing.

4. Something from my Amazon Wishlist. Ignore the high-end items ;) Used is just fine. CLICK HERE!

5. Polish (as in Poland) items. Dolls in traditional clothes, a flag, that sort of thing. I’ve been on this “Get in touch with my heritage” kick lately. No food, please.

6. Gift cards. Any store as long as it involves media (books, DVDs, etc.), any amount of money. Yes, even if it only has $5.11 left on it, I’ll take it :D Every little bit helps.

7. Donate to local animal shelter. The animals need our help, and so do the people who take care of them and give them a second chance.

8. Friends at “Rekuru.” I just started blogging there and I’m really, really nervous. It would definitely help to have friends/commenters following my account! MY PROFILE

9. Region 2 and above DVDs. I love collecting DVDs from other countries. Whether it's your favorite movie, TV show, cartoon/anime, etc. send it my way! I have a region free player so it's no problem :)

For further information, please contact me at daichi_himeko @ hotmail.com (remove spaces) :) Thank you very much!
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How about a Polish recipe? I have an authentic Polish cookie recipe I could email you!