Happy Holidays!

Wow is it Christmas time already?! How did that happen so soon?!

I'm Kate, a budding photographer and keen horse rider from the UK. I turned 21 in the sprig and am currently thoroughly enjoying the free life following University.

Anyway, I only have two wishes this year:

1) I have just returned from a trip of a lifetime to the United States for 3 months. Halfway through my trip I decided to start collecting the quarters with the states on the back. Amazingly I managed to get all but 3 states, which proved very difficult to get hold of. These states were Georgia, Wisconsin and New Mexico. If anyone has one of these quarters I would be very grateful if you were to send them my way

2) Give me the website address of your favorite photographer. It can be landscape, sport, wedding, portrait, fine art. Anything. I am always looking for examples of loved photography so I can learn from them and find inspiration.

Feel free to email me at 27kate27 (at) live.com for my address.

Now then, I'm off to grant some wishes...

I really liked the photos, obviously, but I also thought the website design was amazing.
I work at a bank, so I will do my very best to track these quarters down for you! :)
Thanks, my computers not coping very well with the website atm, but I'll sit down and have a proper look later. The glimpses I got were very impressive!
Of course, Georgia is the one quarter I've managed to track down! I haven't forgotten -- just still looking for the other two! :)
This isn't really a favorite single photographer, but I thought you might like this blog if you don't already know it.