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Hello :D MY name is Shannon, I'm 20 and I live in Virginia. This is my second year doing holiday_wishes. I had so much fun last year I couldn't wait to do it again!

1. V-Gifts- I think these are so adorable. They also provide a great way to bring some holiday cheer to your LJ profile.

2. Postcards- I started a postcard collection last year (thanks mainly to this comm) and I would love to add to it.

3. Ornaments- I love Christmas ornaments, especially handmade. I'm hoping to have enough to decorate my own tree when I move out.

4. Anything Horse Related- I've loved horses my entire life. I'm an avid rider and I even have a horse tattoo. I love anything to do with horses :D

5. Donation to Your Local ASPCA or Animal Shelter- Around this time of year I always think of all the animals that don't have a loving home to spend the holidays in. I always make room in my holiday budget for a donation, but they could always use more.

6. New LJ Friends- You can never have too many friends and I always love finding new people who share my interests :D


Jsut shoot me an e-mail for my address. Please put "Holiday Wishes" in the subject line. If you grant a wish please leave a link to your wishlist so I can see if I can grant a wish for you too!
*waves* from Virginia. :D

Nice to meet you!

I have plans to donate to the local animal shelter and rope DH into it while I'm at it. :D
i've donated to the animal shelter and I volunteer regularly (I love it!), i'm glad to see donating to animal charities on so many people's lists.

Also, feel free to add me as a friend!
I'm covering #5 for you! With a friend, I operate an independent no-kill animal rescue/shelter, and you're a dear to think of all the animals that have no homes...and come from abusive, neglectful, or abandonment situations.
Just about every spare penny I have is "contributed" to this effort...not just at the holidays, but all year long.
Thought you might like to see just *some* of our rescues/fosters....click a category on the left of the screen, and squeee away at the cuteness!
It's emotionally draining sometimes, but SOOOO worth it when we're able to get an animal into a loving home, or return an animal to it's natural habitat!
I'd like to add you, if that's okay. :)

I'm Chrysta. 32, married, with 2 dogs, 2 cats and a bunny. I fangirl Joss Whedon, among other things.
O hai. We do seem to share quite a few interests, I would like to add you as a friend.