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hi, i'm reba, i live in southern california and my life is a rollercoaster, but i'm coasting now. want to help me change that?

these are things that are really important to me and you could maybe help me with.

1. social interaction. i crave it. constantly. i text and i'm on aim on my phone. i cannot stand being alone. i love networking. you can add me on a number of sites, which i will put at the bottom of this post.

2. forgiveness. please, forgive somebody who did something terrible to you and has said they're sorry. i don't have anyone to forgive, but i desperately want forgiveness from a few people because of the things i have done. you don't have to welcome them back into your life or anything like that, just let them know, i guess.

3. collaboration. hey, do you have a weird project you've been wanting to do but no one will do it with you? do you like running with other people's ideas? cool, let's talk. i want to make music with people. i have a few ideas for graphic novels, but my illustrating skills are low if i'm trying to do something structured. i like writing stories back and forth. let's just DO SOMETHING TOGETHER.

4. packages. in the mail! i don't care what you put in it, i will love it.

5. awesome knit hats. i had this hat three times, and i lost all three of them. AUGH. i have a massive head, though, so if it's a REALLY BIG HAT it will probably fit.

6. tarot cards. unique-ish ones, i suppose. if you've got a deck laying around, i'd love it.

7. support your indie gamemakers! do you like video games? cool! check out: anna anthropy (especially this game). she has links to lots of other indie games, so explore!

8. enthusiasm. don't just be kind or polite, be exuberant. if you feel it, that is.

9. a phone with a little keyboard and a less terrible camera. man, aren't those just SO COOL!

10. one of those packs of one hundred markers. the cheap ones that dry out, but it doesn't matter, because they're SO GOOD for making lots of tiny dots.

everything has adult content. i cuss a lot. i put nsfw things behind a cut in my lj.

my tumblr!
tumblr with my friend alex!

gee, i must have something else. i can't think of it!

icantsaybench @ yahoo . com

reba fitzgerald
25537 weaver rd.
barstow, ca

if you want to show up at my house, that's okay. i'll be happy to see you!

text me at 760.267.4201
I'll facebook & neopet you when I get home tonight. Prob deviantart too. I'm a compulsive commenter, so interaction shouldn't be too hard ;)

I'm gonna add you to my phone and txt you, cause I've totally fallen out of touch of most people that I text!

And I might be able to mail you a surprise too.