My wishlist

Hey everyone! My name is Kayla, I'm 17 years old Californian and this will be my third year participating here. Every year I've met so many great friends, had so many wishes granted, and I've been able to grant some wishes myself. I kinda peed my pants with excitement when I realized it was time for wish lists again. Let's get this party started! (Remember to leave me a link to you list!)

1. Snail mail – I love technology, but when I get something in the mail I get the nice warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I love any type of snail mail, so please send away. :)

2. Pins – I collect lapel pins of all type. However, because I’m a die hard Disney fan, most of my pins are from Official Disney Pin Trading. Any addition of any sort would be greatly appreciated.

3. Pen pals – Again with my obsession with snail mail. I’d love to find a pen pal to exchange thoughts, ideas and life with. I have no specifics for this one, except that you’d have an open mind and be ready to for an awesome friendship. :) (though, bonus points if you're over seas!)

4. Forever 21 – I have a great love for Forever 21. I honestly cannot get enough of it. Anything off my wishlist would have me squealing with joy. My F21 list can be found by searching my email address and choosing the list titled “Birthday/Christmas” in the wishlist section of the site. If the search & link doesn’t work, drop your email and I’ll send it along your way.

5. Disney – As I mentioned I’m a die hard fan. Anything and I mean ANYTHING Disney would be an awesome little gift for me. This includes music, drawings, stickers, movies, pins, trinkets, stationary, graphics, photo prints, even your favorite Disney memories. My love for Disney and everything affiliated with it is endless.

6. Skandar Kenyes – Can I have this Brit for Christmas? Please? Ok, this is my impossible wish on my list. However, if you have any connection of any sort to Skandar Keynes or if you could help me get my hands on anything signed by him I would love you forever. Forever. I’m not kidding. Forever.

7. Australia – A little gift from Australia would make my day. Even something as simple as a blade of grass or a letter.

8. Jewelry – I love this stuff. It makes me feel so girly. I like any type of jewelry at all, but I especially love any sort of jewelry that involves an owl. Owl necklaces, charms and earings… guh, so in love! Also, I’ve got a thing for peacock feathers and feathers in general. If you’d like a better idea of my jewelry style I have a few different things on my F21 wishlist, see #4. Honestly, if it’s cute I’ll love it.

9. Owl City ShirtWinterbirds or Fishing V-Neck – Size M (P.S. If you’ve only heard Fireflies, please, I beg of you, listen to their other music! This guy is talented and Fireflies is not his best. His music is healthy for the soul, not even kidding)

10. Tell someone dear to you how much you love them. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that there is someone in the world who loves us.

If you'd like to get my address or a little bit more info leave a comment or shoot me an email at: kickchik16[at]gmail[dot]com

Thanks for taking time to read my list and if you leave a comment, link me to yours. :) Have a wonderful holiday season everyone and stay warm!

Given that I'm Australian, I can send you a little something.

Send your details including a link to your thread to katewoolard at
I can do #7 too - email me and link me to your list so I remember!
I can grant your wish of Disney pins! It's actually one of my wishes to get more as well. Would you trade at all?

I have a Pin Pics account and my username is cherry-pops.

If I don't have any traders you're interested in, then I can shop at DisneyStoreUK and get you a pin from there? All the pins on DisneyStoreUK are exclusive, so not sold in any of the Disney parks.

Let me know! ♥
Hello! I checked out your trade-ables and because I'm not a huge Stitch fan, I can't see that I'm interested in any. However, the Disney Store looked like it had some awesome pins. My first choice would be anything Peter Pan followed closely by anything Alice in Wonderland. :)

Thank you so much, this has made me so excited! If you leave your email I can get you my address. Also, do you have a link to your list? & Are there any pins in particular you're really longing for?