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Hey ya'll! This is my first time doing this, I just started using LJ a little while ago, and it seems like a fun thing and I hope I can help spread some holiday happiness :)

Guess I'll tell ya a little bit about meself. My name is Liv, I'm a 22 year old college student in California, general activist-y person. I'm getting my bachelor's in women's studies, possibly minoring in queer studies. I'm your basic happily-overworked activist, mostly around equality and fighting sexual violence (a field which I hope to work in full-time after I graduate in June). Um... musician too, singing mostly... eh, anything else you wanna know, just ask haha easier that way

If you want to send me something, want to know my size, address, whatever, shoot me an e-mail, dminside@gmail.com :)

Well, on to my list I suppose
1. Gift basket! I love milk chocolate chocolatey... stuff. and candy, and Dr. Pepper, and Redbull/Monster, and rock candy, basically I just love sugar :)

2. music! especially techno/dance and pop lol I love all music (from pop to country to rock and so on), but techno/dance and pop are easiest to get your groove on to :) Actually, any kind of music would do, I'm always down to hear new different things I've never heard before :)

3. movies! I love action movies, sweet movies, powerful movies/inspiring movies, and comedies lol

4. cute clothes! hats, scarves, jackets, PJ's, just cool/cute stuff :) I love things in black, red, purple, blue, and variations of those colors haha again if you want my size shoot me an e-mail, dminside@gmail.com

5. friendly notes or whatever always bring a smile to my face :)

6. ideas for ways to entertain myself besides watching tv!! I need other things to do besides studying and tv when i'm bored at home

7. Also, ideas for de-stressors.... college is ridiculous in the stress department, as any college kid who's gone through finals knows (which I'm actually enduring right now, done around Thursday!!!)

8. Donate: Like I said before, I'm active in the fight against sexual violence. While I am not a survivor myself, many of my friends are. And I would love love love it if you would donate to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (rainn.org), or to your local rape crisis center, that would be.... amazing. RAINN and most rape crisis centers have a 24/7 hotline for folks to call, manned by trained unpaid volunteers, and they are nonprofits, so they don't have a lot of money to keep doing the work they do and providing the valuable services they offer to people, usually for free (one-on-one counseling, hotline, etc). I'm hoping to become a hotline volunteer and eventually a counselor myself after I graduate and work full-time, so you would be helping folks like me provide services to survivors and friends and family of. Anything you can spare would be amazing, doesn't have to be anything big, even $1 is more than before, and it all adds up :)

9. Volunteer! If you have time or you would rather do this than donate, volunteer your time at a local rape crisis center! They're almost always in need of help. You can find ones near you using rainn's website, rainn.org

Thanks for reading!!! ^_^